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Church Not Made With Hands

After my previous post, one person who used to stare down riot cops in anger, but just could not do so anymore, wondered what she would say to future generations about the state of the world. Another person who still takes to the street as “an old broad” but does so out of love, also wrote of her experience. They used similar tactics, but with different motivations. And the motivations have led them to disparate places, to different relationships with action, despite the fact that both still long for justice for the earth and all who dwell here.

My own experience was that it all started to feel like anger to me, even though there was love mingled in. And truth is, there are still likely scenarios that might cause me to blockade, and I’m already planning a meditation session with friends outside my local Planned Parenthood to counter-demonstrate that, while I am by no means ‘pro-abortion’, women’s lives are sacred to me, and I want all women to be able to have autonomy. And I plan to return to the Nevada Nuclear Test Site in the spring, to bear witness for the land and to show the US government we know the Test Ban Treaty is not being upheld.. I have to feel the engagement in my own way, and most often these days, facing down police in riot gear is not it.

What engages you? Everyone’s soul and heart have a slightly different calling. This is the diversity that keeps the cosmosphere viable. This is the very multiplicity our Gods reflect for us. God Herself touches each in our own way, giving rise to desire and destiny, so we may weave ourselves back into the fabric of life, forming a pattern of hues as varied as those in a wild landscape. We all worship in our way. What is important to me is that we do reverence the sacred. What is important to me is that we do find ways to enact our relationship to the holiness in water, soil, and human lives.

What is our relationship to She/he/it who is ‘everywhere and no place’? How do we bring that relationship into each moment of our day, into every single choice, word, action? How do we interact with the sacred? Inter. Act. Not simply think. Not simply pay lip service to some tradition or creed, but inter-act. Act in concert. Act in relationship. Act with.

How is your soul calling you to act today? Yesterday, my soul brought me to the soup kitchen, so people continue to get fed. Today, I will exercise my body and listen to spiritual direction clients as they map their own soul’s practice. I will post homework for ongoing seekers. It is all sacred activity, if and when I remember. Perhaps other events will happen: a shared smile on the city bus, or encounters with some trees. In a church that appears in every place on earth, in a church that is my body and Her body, sacred remembrance can occur every second.

She is everywhere. And no place. She is that which is this and that which is not this. She is the great, unfolding verb, riding on our words, and flowing from our fingertips toward action. How will we choose to speak?

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