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Beautiful, Radiant Things (Solstice)


“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.” – Emma Goldman

Yesterday morning I dreamt of a coming battle between the rich and poor, and the duplicitous that walk among us. I passed limousines filled with the white and spangled, and one cunning man among their ranks, whose face appeared two times, in different places. Once at the battle ground, we were readied for combat with practice sticks and gloves, and strange masks. Young volunteers had been preparing, and would teach us. We were told to keep silence as we trained.

Once the games were to begin, I realized I had no stick and knew that this was fitting. I would not enter battle to strike out. What would I bring instead? My soul. My light. My love. My power. I would not strike, but would stand firm and sing. To the battle, I would bring teaching and connection. And myself.

I awakened to shining sun after the fog. There is no opposition that I seek except that which creates energy for change.

Today is the Solstice. To the ancients, the mighty combusting ball appeared to stand still in the sky, unmoving, burning at its zenith. Filled with light. What will you stand for, unwavering? For what will you burn brightly, lighting up the sky?

Today is another chance to share, to love, and to show that we are willing. We each need to find our way. Then we need to stand together, and find some ways to sing. 

Today is the longest day (or longest night, depending where upon this planet you now stand). Will you choose to stand tall in this light? How will you shine and bless the world? What do you bring?

Enjoy the power of the sun this season. Drink in it’s rays. Allow yourself to be illuminated. Shine brightly, a beautiful, radiant thing.

Blessed be.


Edited into present from future tense on Wednesday, Solstice morning. 

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