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Angels of Power

What feels important? What inspires? Where do we find our strength?

What helps us to see that the concept of heaven begins within ourselves? Today, no matter what kind of day you are having, I invite you to seek joy. I invite you to bring some succor to those in need. I invite you to receive love. I invite you to become an agent of liberation, an angel of power, a harbinger of grace. The Gods can walk the earth: through us, with us, in us… as us. What will it take? We decide. We manifest. We draw down the light of inspiration, the light of connection, and it shines through our eyes, and hearts, and hands. It shines through word and action. It shines, and it abides.

We each have the task in front of us, right now. We also, together, have the larger mandate of connection, of reaching all the way into our darkness and bringing forth our light. We can re-weave the cosmos from our love, and with our daring. What is the work that you alone can do today, and what is the work that we can do together?

No martyrs here. We return to our own sovereignty. The earth is a beautiful place, despite the suffering.

May we do what we can. May we have a glorious day.

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