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An Intentional Life

Does your life reflect your intention? 

If you had to write a mission statement, what might it be? And how does everything else in your life support, undermine, or avoid this?

I ask because too many of us are still uncertain of direction, or we are living fragmented lives. We speak one thing here, and there, we act in a way that contradicts our speech. We’ve lost our way. We are going through the motions. We’ve forgotten our connection to the Gods.

Sometimes we’ve had it. We have known. We’ve sensed the power in our core and used that to help us steer our way through life. But then work got in the way. Or illness. Or children. Or our practices became automatic, done by rote instead of with intention. Or we simply forgot that our words and actions needed to support one another.

I’ve written whole books on this topic, but sometimes it needs re-stating in simpler form:

  1. The arcs of our lives must be contiguous.

  2. Our smallest actions affect our largest intention.

  3. We can start again today.

Let’s look again at the question that began this post:

1/What is your mission statement? In other words: what is your intention, whether for the next six months, or six years, or your life?

2/ Does your life as it is now support your mission, or what I call the Large Arc of Your Intention?

Does your life as it is now undermine this?

In what ways do your thoughts, practices, or actions avoid this your mission, your intention, or your Will?

Every one of us needs to revisit these questions. No one is immune from the need to do an inventory of one’s life: Not the great mage, not the priestess, not the teacher, the Adept, the activist, or the person just trying to get through the day.

We can live in right relationship to all parts of self, and all parts of life.

No matter how long we’ve been doing it, our practice starts again today.

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