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An Exciting Announcement!

Hello all,

As most of you know, last March I decided to take an extended leave from this blog. Since then, I’ve posted a few times, but not with anything substantial. The leave has been good for me, allowing me to continue studying fiction and planning out two novel series. I’m also slowly working on a long-form essay.

I’m ready to come back to this blog, but in a different way.

My five year plan is to continue ramping way back on public teaching and hopefully shift toward making a living writing. My small salary has decreased from when I wrote this article a year ago, in the interest of helping to keep Solar Cross afloat to do our justice work and other endeavors. Ideally, I want to keep doing some teaching and providing spiritual direction, but allow all of that money to support the work of Solar Cross without it having to support me.

It’s going to bring this blog back by buying me more time. I already have 15 people pledging a total of $162 dollars a month as patrons gifting me with more writing time ($50 isn’t accounted for on Patreon itself – one couple wanted to send a check every month instead).

Right now, that money will pay for alternating one essay and one short story every other month. At $200 pledged

, I’ll post one short story and one essay per month! We’re almost at that goal.

I feel excited by this prospect and have many other projects I’d love to offer as I have patronage for more time. This includes a new podcast!

So, if you’ve enjoyed or benefited from my writing in the past, would you consider a monthly patronage of $1, $5, $10…? This will secure my ability to provide free content for a lot more people, not dependent on selling anything to a market.

The more patrons sign up, the more content I can provide.

Thank you for your years of support.

And thanks in advance if you choose to either provide a monthly donation or spread the word.

I’ll see you in October with either a story or an essay…or perhaps both!

There’s more explanation of how Patreon works, and what the perqs and goals are if you click the link.

I’ll also be (finally!) sending a newsletter to my email list every month to make it easier for folks to keep up with my writing, activism, and other activities like meeting Totoro. If you haven’t already, please sign up on the upper right of this page.

many blessings – Thorn


EDIT: Sunday, September 13, 2015

We’ve reached the first milestone goal! Patrons have now funded both a short story and essay every month. Thank you all! (if the numbers looked skewed, it is because one couple needed to pay by check, so Patreon isn’t recording those funds. But I am!

Further milestones are a *longer* short story and then ::drumroll:: a new podcast.

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