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All Things Needful…

This evening I will dance within a stone circle and scry into the fire. I will ask the dead my questions, and listen as night rises in the mountains, lit only by the fire, the stars, and the slender waxing crescent of the moon.

We can change the world.

We stand between the fire, the earth, and the black, cold sky. We stand between those who have gone before and those who are yet to come. We occupy this moment, this space and time. What is our work? What is our destiny? What is our desire?

We have everything we need to change the world.

We have our bodies, our minds, and our hearts, we have a will, and creativity, and we also have each other. Stop looking away. Our lot is all the same.

Can you hear the cold calling of the Winter, or the promise of the Spring? It matters not where you may stand on this great planet, the earth connects us. Whether you face short or longer days, whether you walk with the dead or those yet born, now is your moment. We are on a cusp in time if we allow it. Our decisions about our lives (Here! Now!) change everything. We have co-created this world, with the fish on ocean’s floor, the birds in the tallest of trees, the oceans and the trees themselves, the rivers running or dammed up, the land, paved over or free. Every human has a choice to make.

The veils are thin – whether tilting toward Spring or Winter – can we listen? Can we envision? Can we make our offerings, and open our doors to the spirits of those who are our teachers: those with hard working hands, those quick with laughter, those who sorrowed, and those who spun? All who have gone before teach us things, for good or ill. We learn, too, from those who are yet to come, and we are the teachers in this time.

Tonight, I walk between the stones in fire-lit darkness. On Monday, I will dine with friends and our ancestors, raising toasts to the Mighty Dead, and giving candy to the costumed children that knock upon the door. All the while, I will be listening: What is the message? What is my work? What is this time?

Sink into listening. Prepare. Don’t move too fast, but move with accuracy when it is the proper time.

We have everything we need to change the world.

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