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How long ago? The core of a star ceased combusting… And it changed in form, peeling layer by layer, ever outward in a dance of heat and light. If we gaze hard enough, and far enough, we can see it still, some 1,000 years and on.

When the core of you ceases in it’s rumbling, when your heart stops in it’s booming, pressing, flow, what in you will move outward, and for how many years will the power of your life be ever felt, seen from some far distance, through the waves of space and time?

Live today as though you are a still combusting stellar thing. Live today as though what you do, and think, and, see, and feel, continues. Impermanence is not the thought that nothing matters, but rather, the thought that we can each leave beauty in our wake.

Will we collapse upon our fear, and greed, and hatred, or explode outward in a rush of love, and bravery, and grace?

Have a glorious day, you shining beings.

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