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10 Questions for Spiritual Seekers

Occasionally, we are walking along our path, and we forget who we are. We forget that the tugging pulling us forward is the longing of heart and soul. We get caught in the pattern of habit and assumption. We forget we had intention.

We forget we play a vital part in the world.

We need reminders that life itself holds magic.

So I ask the following questions to help get us back on course if need be, or to strengthen the course of those who are sure of the way:

What reminds you of the sacredness of things? 

What humbles you?

What lifts you up?

What causes prayer to rise up from your heart?

When do you speak the words of thanks and honor? 

To whom do you speak them?

What tugs at your heart and whispers in your ear? 

Some days the way feels clear, and other days, murky and obstacle filled. But the path is ever in front of us, and our compass lies within.

Take a breath. Find center.

Where is your North, South, East, and West?

What expands above your head and supports your feet? 

What is your intention for today?

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