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We Seek No Kings

We Seek No Kings

The Steel Clan Saga



Sometimes a knight must risk themselves for love...

In a world of djinn, elf, yakshini, and troll, one woman has only her sword.

Jenny rides hard, fights hard, drinks hard, and lusts hard. A motorcycling Knight of the Steel Clan, she is sworn to protect the autonomous township of Go No More. But trouble stalks the land, carrying the stench of rotting corpses left for crows.

After the Great Reckoning, the sideways realms grew closer. Magic returned to the human world. In this time of magic, Jenny has none. Her comrades say they trust her, but does Jenny trust herself?

Anandita wants only to raise her child, gather her herbs, and help those in need. Still mourning her disappeared partner, she avoids Jenny’s heated gaze and goes about her work, tending to the township’s bodies and hearts. But who will tend hers? 
Jenny and Aanandita are challenged to rise beyond their fear and sorrow.

The Knights must ride.
They ride for Go No More. 

Xena, Warrior Princess meets Sons of Anarchy in this post-apocalyptic epic fantasy adventure!

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