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The Witches of Portland Books 1 - 3

The Witches of Portland Books 1 - 3

The Witches of Portland



Urban fantasy, romance, and the things that matter...

A city in peril, fallen prey to the forces of corruption. A coven of witches, each battling their own personal demons. Can Cassiel, Tobias, and Brenda overcome the pressures threatening to tear their magic apart? Can they save their city…and even find love?

A witch fleeing the ghosts of her past. A man haunted by a woman pointing toward evil.
A healer who doubts his abilities. A shy man desperate to help those most in danger.
A psychic who hears voices. A beautiful woman on the run from her abusive husband.

If you like fast-paced plots, real-world issues, and a dash of charming romance, then you'll love The Witches of Portland, a series of paranormal urban fantasy novels.

Discover The Witches of Portland, and break the spell of corruption today!

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