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Haunted Witch

Haunted Witch

The Seashell Cove Paranormal Mysteries



My name is Sarah Braxton, and I'm a witch.

My cat Rhiannon and I run Seashell Cove's only bookshop, though it’s a toss-up which of us is actually boss, with a ghost called Biff jockeying for position, too.
Think that's strange? Trust me, we're not the strangest things in Seashell Cove. Haunted inns? Cranky gnomes? Centaurs that dance around in the forest just outside town? Yeah. Our little town has it all…

But there's been an all-too-recent death at the Historic Kelpie Inn, the ghosts are in an uproar, and those centaurs? I think they know something, but aren't telling.
What's a witch to do? Guess I'll gather up my trusty, D&D playing boyfriend, my inscrutable cat, and the rest of my ragtag bunch of friends.
We must get to the bottom of this death… before it's the death of us all.

Read the next installment in this rollicking new series of paranormal cozies for freaks and geeks. Find out why Kickstarter named it "a project we love."

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