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The Seashell Cove
paranormal cozy mysteries

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the Witches Of


Sigil Magic

Sigils are symbolic signatures that help us to focus our intentions and send them out into the world.

Sigil Magic is a powerful tool.

Sigils can assist us with any creative venture: from writing novels and prepping art shows, to building lives filled with curiosity, wonder, and success. Sigil Magic walks us through a variety of ways to generate and charge up our sigils, and includes instructions for preparation and cleansing, working with intentional statements, and using magical mantras and a variety of sigils types.

Take a risk. Make your mark.


Fiction Series

Free Fiction

Monthly Essay

Online Classes

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Risk. Create. Transform.

Together, let’s make the world a little more beautiful, and come away inspired. Together, let’s make some magic.

Magic and Creativity are everywhere. Can you trust that? Can you trust yourself? Can you commit to opening?

What do you need to support your spiritual practice, your risk taking, your art, your writing, your craft, your voice, and your fulfillment? Do you struggle with an overflowing stack of things to do, or life changes, or chronic illness, or self doubt?

Step away from all of those, just for a moment.


Take a breath. And another.

Inhale. Pause. Exhale.

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