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The Seashell Cove
paranormal cozy mysteries

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the Witches Of


Sigil Magic

Sigils are symbolic signatures that help us to focus our intentions and send them out into the world.

Sigil Magic is a powerful tool.

Sigils can assist us with any creative venture: from writing novels and prepping art shows, to building lives filled with curiosity, wonder, and success. Sigil Magic walks us through a variety of ways to generate and charge up our sigils, and includes instructions for preparation and cleansing, working with intentional statements, and using magical mantras and a variety of sigils types.

Take a risk. Make your mark.


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Thorn's Podcast

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Magic, Creativity, and Life

Thorn talks with a variety of interesting people about the creative process, how to live a fulfilling life, connecting with the world and each other, and the power of magic.

You can tune in on YouTube or your favorite podcast channel. The captioning and recording of this podcast is made possible by Thorn's Amazing Patreon Supporters.

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