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A witch in doubt. A gamer facing down the challenge of his life. To protect her son from violence, she’ll need to battle hatred with magic.

Raquel just wants to run her café and keep her son safe. When the witch finally notices a gorgeous local gamer, the last thing she needs is the distraction. But when Charlie’s game store is firebombed and Raquel’s son comes home bullied, she can’t help but wonder if there are connections to be found…

With the help of her coven, Raquel must go toe to toe with anger and face down the danger that stalks the streets of Portland. To protect her son, and the possibility of new love, she must channel the power of the ocean before the forces of hatred take her son away…

By Sea is the fourth spellbinding book in The Witches of Portland series of paranormal urban fantasy novels. If you like fast-paced plots, real-world issues, and a dash of charming romance, then you'll love T. Thorn Coyle's magical series.

By Sea

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