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Your Life is Not on Hold

Your love is the light in this world. Your voice is the power of the ocean. Your breath is the strength of the wind.

Dance a new creation today. Rise up inside yourself and find that which dances. You have waited too long in silence, in the corners of your life. Be bold! Be brash! Be strong!

Beauty wraps his copper arms around you. Sorrow lifts you up into your joy. She Who waits around each secret corner sends out the calling that reveals your Name.

There is nothing to wait for. There is only this moment. Seize the day.

When we put off joy, when we defer desire, we stunt our growth. Hard work is necessary to our path, but so is laughter. If we consistently live out of duty without joy, it is time to re-examine our attitudes toward our lives. Can we do what is needed and right from a place of centered strength rather than lack? Can we call in more of that which we want while still showing up to our commitments? Can we make the unfolding of desire something else we commit to?

Can we commit to seeking joy from strength? Seeking joy from strength is quite different than simply living without a care for another. Rather than letting the pendulum swing from one extreme to another, we can – as magic workers -– hold each polarity and bring them together from the place of Love and Will. They meet in us, we become the center. We are the center that includes both the frenzied ecstatic dancing and the rising early for meditation, the joyous lovemaking and the diligent work, the resting in the garden and the labor that helped it grow.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you must choose one or the other. We can choose joy and discipline. Our arms can enfold the world. Yes, we must make other choices: this work and not that work, these friends and not those… But we make these choices, again, from the balanced center of the magic worker and the warrior. We make these choices by realizing we are seeking out that which best nourishes and supports us, so that we can do our best work, live our best lives, become more fully who we are.

Do not live your life for another. Rather, share your life with those whom you choose. And if you feel burdened down – you caretakers of the elderly, you parents with no time for yourselves – come to center, choose again, and bring in some joy to the activity that you feel burdened by. Your life is never on hold. How will you choose to live your life, today?

Fortune is a combination of blessed providence and hard work. Make your fortune. Claim it. Look around you… what makes you feel grateful to be alive?

Today I feel grateful for my partners and the home we are making together. I feel grateful for my guides and my practice. I feel deeply grateful for my students, who teach me so much. I feel grateful for my body and my health. I feel grateful for the birdsong outside my windows and for the heart that pumps blood through my body, giving my brain enough oxygen so I can think well enough to write these words. The list goes on and on. Is there not trouble in the world and in my life? Of course there is. Is there not cause of sorrow, anger, grief, or irritation? Worries about money? Yes. But none of these take away this fact: I have another chance this day: to have a conversation; to prepare some delicious food; to do my work; to share a kiss; to meditate and pray. Today, I have another chance to simply live.

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