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What is Important?


What is important to you? Find that. Do that. Choose that.

Last night I attended a book event to celebrate a new imprint for a small publisher: Concrescent Press. Two people read their works, both of whom had been writing for self and friends for years. The event was held in a small temple space in Oakland. People volunteered to sell books and serve sparkling juice and wine. 

All of this came about because Pagan scholar Sam Webster decided he wanted to publish books – that making a certain type of magickal literature available was important to him and besides, he had languishing typesetting skills. Christine Berger decided at age 50 to start writing poetry to reflect and help her spiritual process. She posted them on Facebook for her friends. James Robert French works for an environmental protection agency by day, and writes and makes magic at night. The temple exists because the Blazing Star Oasis wanted a permanent place to worship, and a space to offer other spiritual travelers, so they rented a grotty old office space and transformed it, together.

All of these people followed what was important. They kept choosing it for themselves and pretty soon – as always happens – their choices had an effect on the world around them.

I know a parent who homeschools her children, raises chickens and vegetables, crafts, and preserves her own food in the middle of the city. She also is growing the arm muscles necessary to push herself up hills in her chair. I know a man who quit a lucrative IT career to go to nursing school. Now he works in the ER, saving lives. There is another parent struggling as she starts a new job that her soul chose and fought for, while trying to navigate fresh sobriety, a new school for her child, a new home, and a new relationship with herself in a brand new part of the country.

The struggling mother? She is reaching out for support and finding it. The super crafty parent? She is discovering that she does have the power to make it up a hill. Just barely right now, but it is growing. Plus, food is getting canned and children educated. The nurse? He is working long, hard hours, learning a lot, and loving being of service. The Temple, publisher, and authors? I know of a few of their struggles and their laboring, and last night, word got out, books were sold, connections made, and community alliances broadened.

They all continue to follow what is important. We can each choose to do this, every day. Following what is important isn’t always easy, but it is always true. Something in us says “Keep choosing this! Don’t numb yourself. Don’t run away! Move towards this longing. Take this action! Become more yourself. The world needs this.” 

Become more yourself. The world needs this. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll figure it out. You’ll find it hard. You’ll find it exhilarating. You’ll feel like a fraud. You’ll feel more like yourself than ever before. You’ll let people down. You’ll raise people up.

What is important to you? Find that. Do that. Choose that.

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