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Today, I Choose Love

Today, I choose love. Today, I choose brightness. Today, I commit to will, to depth, to practice. Today, I commit to right speech. Today, I choose majesty. I commit to the strengthening of body and of soul. Today, i walk the pathway between sun and stars, and enjoy the beauty of this green earth. Today, I commit to the work that I alone can do. I choose power, and grace, and compassion.

I wish bright blessings upon all of you so diligently working your soul’s task and uncovering your heart’s desire. I wish blessings upon your efforts for healing and expansion. I wish for you a courageous heart and clear sight and ask you…

What is your work, your grace, your will?

Each time we choose to walk the path of strength coupled with love and spirit, a voice comes to pierce the darkness with the shout, “Let there be Light!”

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