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Open to Earth: Activate the Pentagram

Lately, I’ve noticed that over and over again, people who’ve practiced being centered and grounded for years have pulled their energy up. Their center of gravity no longer rests just above their pelvis, but has lifted toward their navel. Their feet are closed to the support and connection of earth.

After I’d realized that I was giving similar prescriptions to many people – “Open the soles of your feet!” – I finally remarked on this to a colleague. “I don’t know if it is just my students and clients, but I’m really noticing that people have shut their feet down.” He replied, “Oh no. It is a lot of people. Things feel so uncertain right now, people are shutting down.”

Of course. The earth is shaking, tornadoes are whipping through, the job market is bleak, war seems endless, poverty is not abating, everywhere we turn, there seems to be another crisis. We are doing our best and sometimes it just doesn’t feel good enough, so we retreat into smaller and smaller shells, in attempts to feel safe.

Trouble is, this doesn’t work, or only works on a very temporary basis. In order to find greater ease in our lives, in order to access what help may come available, we have to be open. We have to expand our energy bodies, stand a bit taller, sink a bit deeper. We have to be present.

The sacred pentacle is a symbol of prosperity, health, balance, and flow. We embody that, and in so doing, we honor our reflection of the “Divine Proportion” that is the equation of so many harmonious forms: nebulae, Gothic architecture, sunflowers, nautilus shells, pyramids, and spider webs.

In times of upheaval and uncertainty, we can use all the support available. Imagine right now, you can breathe into your center, into that still space between your navel and pelvis. Drop your attention there. Breathe into center again, and this time, as you exhale, activate the pentagram of your body by sending breath through the soles of your feet, the palms of your hands, and the crown of your head.

Live well. Live open. Live connected. Energy will move. Things will begin to feel better.

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