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On the Way to Solstice…

The nights grow long but the the Winter sun – sharp angles – is still bright upon our faces.

Do not forget this.

We all walk into the labyrinth of darkness. We all return, born anew, in light. This happens moment to moment. Sometimes year by year.

The Divine Twins stalk us, live within our skin, caress our minds, open our hearts. We are the dance of night and day, of frost and sunlight. We are the priestess, mediating every cusp and each turn.

Do not forget this.

The nights grow long and the Cosmos holds you in her arms.

We are all the pregnancy of Night. We are all the possibility of Day.

Do not forget this.

I didn’t make it to the soup kitchen on Tuesday. While waiting for the train that takes me across the bay, the announcement came – a man was on the tracks. He needed help. Today I heard: a family is in need of money so they don’t lose their home this month. Somewhere, a friend is struggling with seasonal depression. Syrian refugees are sleeping in tents in the snow.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the days grow longer, and the people ready their summer celebrations. I’m sure they have their troubles, too. And joy.

The Divine Twins are everywhere. The Mother labors. All things are in process at all times. What are you pregnant with? What is it that you hope for?

The promise of Solstice is the promise of a new day.

Do not forget this.

The Cosmos holds us all, in loving arms.

We hold each other.


If you want to help the Pagan family in need, follow the link in the post above.

One resource I’ve researched for getting goods on the ground in Syria is NuDay Syria. Here’s information on donating toward the shipping containers they send to people on the ground to get things like coats, blankets, and diapers to the camps.

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