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Love in Action: for Oklahoma

Update June 27, 2013

Solar Cross took in another $880 in donations! Thank you everyone! This will go to help OpOK to feed people still struggling with the aftermath of the tornado. There is still much work to be done.

At the request of OpOK, today I ordered:

  1. One 10×20 canopy with screen sides

  2. 3 large steel folding tables

  3. 3 laundry sinks

  4. 4 propane tanks

  5. 2 jet cookers,

  6. 4 large storage totes!

Here is what our contact on the ground, Marcia Carter Tillison said in early June:

“We got the goggles on the right day! The property owners are starting to make big burn piles for debris. Our people need the those really good masks and the goggles and they can pass them out to the families they are working with. A week ago smoke wasn’t an issue. Now it is. Today all of the goggles I knew people had ordered days or even weeks ago, arrived from all sorts of sources. I’ve discovered in this work of recovery and rebuilding that I am totally in the hands of more than myself (for me in this work it is Erzuli in all of her forms) and that I will receive what either the organization needs or I need when it is time to receive it and that as long as I know this holds true it all comes together. Amazing what having passion and purpose combined can do.”

If you wish to donate, please use PayPal and send to marked in the message or subject line: Tornado Relief.

Update: May 30, 2013

6 wheel barrows and  4 heavy duty transfer shovels were sent to Oklahoma on May 29th! 

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Including donations from Solar Cross, people have contributed $1061 toward the two shipments of much needed goods. These are all going to the harder hit rural areas of Oklahoma that aren’t getting as much help.

In addition to that total, another $150 was collected from our Solar Cross Devotional on Sunday and will take up collections at Troth Moot this weekend. This will enable us to send another shipment! 

Again: please donate via PayPal to Please note that it is for Tornado Relief so we can assign the money properly. 

Update, May 25, 2013:

As of today, Solar Cross has collected $545.  I just placed an order for:

  1. 400 N95 rated particulate respirators

  2. 48 pair large work gloves

  3. 10 pair medium work gloves

  4. 50 safety goggles

  5. 20 tarps

  6. 10 shovels

These should arrive to our contacts in Norman OK sometime next week.

Solar Cross paid for shipping, contributing a magickal $93, bringing the total donations up to $638.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We are still taking donations. Pay via PayPal to, subject line “Tornado Relief”

Please continue to spread the word!

Our person on the ground, Marcia Carter Tillison says:

“Thank you thank you thank you! Your donations will be distributed within 24 hours of the time they arrive and sent out to Little Axe, Newcastle and the outlying areas that are not receiving the outpouring the greater area of Moore is.”

Original post:

What world are we creating with our actions? What world do we want to create?

I want to create a world of mutual aid, where we help one another in times of need, and celebrate together in times of joy.

Solar Cross Temple is organizing to help Oklahoma. We are working with Marcia Carter Tillison, a Pagan in Norman OK, and with OpOK, a consortium of Occupy, Food Not Bombs and other activist groups working together to get supplies and help with on the ground clean up efforts in Moore. Marcia has on the ground experience in disaster relief from her work in Haiti and is someone I trust.

OpOK needs supplies to help people keep the rains that have followed the tornado off of what goods they have. They need supplies to help with clean up and salvage. To this end, Solar Cross is now taking donations for this project.

OpOK says: “With hail coming down this morning and storms forecast for the next three days in areas already reeling from tornadoes, our relief efforts must focus on getting people out of the weather and securing what possessions they have. We have over 13,000 homes, a school, and a hospital affected; we must reach people that are falling through the gaps.Supplywise, what’s needed most are power tools, garbage bags, rakes, shovels (round and square), gloves (all kinds), duct tape, and other items necessary for debris removal. Large tarps and rope to secure them over damaged homes are currently in high demand, as are plastic totes to separate out donations.”

If you wish to pool your money with ours, please send donations via Paypal to with the subject line marked “Tornado Relief”. Solar Cross will absorb the Paypal fees as part of our contribution.

$10 buys a shovel or a pair of sturdy gloves, or safety goggles. $15 buys a heavy duty storage bin. We would like to get these supplies to Moore starting next week. Can you contribute anything? If you can’t afford to donate right now, will you please spread the word online and in your local communities? The more money we raise, the more supplies we can send. This is very important. As OpOK says: “when FEMA & The Red Cross pack up and go home – we will still be here.” We can be there, too.

Let’s build the world we want by helping Oklahoma. Let’s spread the word that love in action is real, on the ground, effective magic.

Thank you, one thousand times, for caring.

Blessed be those in need. Blessed be those who offer love in action. We all weather these storms.

Again: please send donations via Paypal to with the subject line marked “Tornado Relief”.

We will use the money to purchase goods and ship them to our contacts in OK.


Solar Cross Temple helped raise close to $3000 for the initial round of Sandy Relief. I just did two more benefits while in NYC last week, which raised another $400 to send to Staten Island Relief who are still working hard to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. With your help, we have also sent money to buy winter fuel for elders at Pine Ridge and Rosebud. Together, we funded porta potties, socks, and scarves for Occupy Oakland. As a Pagan organization committed to education, worship, justice and service, these are all in line with our mandate. Solar Cross thanks you. 

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