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What has not given up on you, even if you have currently given up on it? What dwells at the core of your soul? Today, take some time to pause, to take a few deep breaths, and to drop into your center. Then open your attention and listen. Ssshhh. Still the conversation in your brain. Still the impulses to hurry, to check this one thing, or to run off to that. Breathe into your center. Allow your feet to open to the earth. Feel the spaciousness around you. Listen. Now.

What is your life trying to tell you? What is it that you want? What is it that you need? What is your soul’s desire?

We each are children of our own destinies. We each both follow and become a shining star. When we allow for this reality, everything can open. Those parts of us that insist upon avoidance are just afraid. We can look upon this fear and ask it questions. We can look upon this fear and know that there is another facet of ourselves that can meet that fear with grace, or with courage, or with anger, or with love. We are more than what we fear. Fear does not define us.

Listen to yourself, on a deep level.

I once was in the presence of a person who is a spiritual guide to many. This person showed up scattered, frustrated, and racing inside. She was not able to slow down enough to really connect with herself or with the people who needed that connection. We all have bad days, and we also have the opportunity to take whatever energy is around us and find a space to connect. What happened was, this person stopped listening. Even though her whole life was built around listening and speaking, in that moment, centered listening did not seem to be an option, given the stack of challenges she had faced during the day.

What is your challenge, and what will you meet it with? In any moment we can learn to call up observation. Call up listening. Call up the discerning eye and ear that tells us, “This surface disturbance is not all that there is. Reach now, for something more.”

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