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Harvesting Apples, Planting Love

In this morning’s dream, a woman offered me a gardening catalog. When I said, No thank you, although I was thinking of planting some things this Winter, during the time of rain, she replied “The time for planting is NOW!”

I’m listening to the birds outside, and drinking Irish tea after meditation, and notice that the dream-words are still swirling inside of me. I think of the apples I picked yesterday, and thinking of the harvesting, planting, and sometimes the laying fallow that is the work of life in general, and my work in particular. What I thought might come from today’s musings were thoughts about how some of the seeds of my work might grow to feed amazing things, and some might wither, not growing into much at all. But then, riding on the breath, came the resounding realization that today, all I want to plant is love.

That might sound like a foolish or facile answer to some, and a pretentious answer to others, I am sure. But this morning, it is my truth. No matter what news is on the BBC when I check the website later, regardless of what letters come in my email box, or the writing on my slate of work today… what I want to plant now, in the midst of this time of harvest, is still love.

Love fuels the showing up, the questioning, the return, the laughter, the annoyance, the writing, the teaching, the figuring out, the dinner conversations, the dinners cooked, the rituals, and the stillness. That is what I desire: and endless centering, circling, and returning to love. So I breathe now, and I open.

I wish you a fruitful harvest, wherever you are, and good planting, too. For those who need the rest of lying fallow, I wish you peaceful days and nights. And for those who need some love, I wish that for us all.

Whether it is Spring or Autumn where you live, I wish you blessings.

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