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Fiat Agape! Fiat Eros! Fiat Amor!

“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

With love all things are known. With love, your beauty shines. With love, all that you have feared will fall away. With love, you shall rise up, a mighty priestess, ready to take on the mantle of your power. Without love, there is cowardice. Without love, there is fear. Without love, there is oppression. Without love, no justice shall be found.

We must now walk in love. This love includes fierceness, strength, and joy. This love includes a sacred defense of what we feel is right. This love means we stand up for ourselves and we learn to stand together, because brothers and sisters, there is trouble in the world.

There have always come times of trouble… Troubled times bring with them huge amounts of energy: the energy of pain, hatred, anger, the energy of cosmic re-alignment, and the energy of change. We can use this energy to fuel our practice, to fuel our commitments, to fuel our vision, and to fuel our dedication. With this energy, we can light the fires of love, becoming beacons to each other. With this energy we can carry the warmth of succor and of inspiration.

What will we choose to do with the emotions and energies of the hardships so many of us are facing? How – Today. Right now – can we choose to invoke love in all its forms?

In these times, there are those who are attempting to steal power without love. Let us counter this energy with love and power, joined. Let us counter this with the supporting hands of sisters and brothers, the juicy lust of lovers, and the open hearts of friends.

This week, those who can, celebrate the birth of Krishna, God of Love in all its forms, The teachings tell us that he was also the God who inspired us to necessary battles, and inspired us in our soul’s duty.

When love takes the reins of power, we become an unstoppable force. Let us carry love into every battle we encounter. Let our beauty inspire millions.

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