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Don’t Give Up


Let your soul rise to meet your life. Let body, emotions, and mind shift toward this matrix of union. You can be whole, and reflect a more clearly ordered world. You can weave the chaos into light. When you choose to be continuous, you choose to change the world. You choose freedom over complacency. You choose revolution over comfort. You choose to shine instead of hide. You choose to polish the places where grit has accrued, and learn something in the pain and joy of polishing. You are gorgeous and complete. Let your pain and suffering become places where the waters meet the shore. Things live in that liminal space that live nowhere else on earth. Let these things grow. The context for your life is the cosmos. The iron in your blood comes from the stars.

Stop thinking small, unless you think of atoms. Dive toward that sort of smallness, ever multiplying, so small it becomes vast. The small view that causes us to forget both stars and atoms is a smallness we can no longer afford. We are simple: part of Hir body. We are human. We are those who know and those who perform tasks. Angels and demons, animals and Gods. We are everything, if we allow ourselves to be. Look inside, and look around. Can you gaze on self and other with eyes now cleansed by love? This is how we heal, repair, and grow: we allow that which has been ruptured to come home. Home is everywhere.

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