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Brilliant Stars: Meditation on the Iron Pentacle

What is so important to you, you are willing to change your life for it? What is so important, you will commit to it daily? What is so important, you will stop making excuses? What is so important, you will step toward love?

It is time to instigate a revolution within yourself. Sometimes revolution is a quiet turning, while at other times it is a bold upheaval, a rising toward desire, an instigation of true power, grounded in will, rather than the force of weakness.

Stand tall. Stand proud, filled with the power of your very self, brimming with passion and the thrumming song of life.

Call upon the star in the core of the earth. Feel it burning. Call upon the fire and earth of iron. Call upon the star at your center, flaming between your belly and your breast. Call upon the fire earth of the iron flowing in your blood. Call upon the star that shines far up above. See it shining. Call upon the fire and earth of iron. With breath, will, and intention, bring these three stars into alignment. Draw them closer and closer together, until you feel earth touch sky within you. You are a blazing star of flesh and light and iron. Every man and every woman is a star. Brilliant. Shining. Take your place within the firmament.

By the power of sex. By the power of pride. By the power of self. By the power of power. By the power of passion… We become ourselves. In doing so, we begin to change the world.

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