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A Prayer to the Deepest Self

Let me remain in a state of relationship and inquiry with my ego. May pride give me the sense of my rightful place within in the world, within this cosmos, within the great unfolding dance of time. May I not get caught up in ignorance, or internal greed, or the need to always feel that I am right. May I ever court true peers and comrades who laugh with me, cry with me, inquire with me, and call me on my shit. May I seek out suppleness, and a return to centering, when the crust of brittleness grows hard around my thoughts, my habits, or my emotions. May I notice this before the crust grows so thick and impenetrable that to break it would cause a fear of shattering. I do not wish to shatter: I wish to grow strong, to walk in wisdom, to seek my own counsel, and the counsel of the Gods and the breeze, and my teachers, and the singing of the stars.

Let me remain in state of relationship and inquiry with my ego. Let all parts of me comprehend that ego does not run the show, but rather, contributes to the whole pattern of my understanding.

Let me listen – every day – making time for this, and opening the way.

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