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A Just and Joyous May Day


Today, I will work. Then I will gather together bright ribbons.

I will go out to the plaza in a vibrant, art-filled, violence-torn town and fashion a May Pole for workers, for anarchists, for the homeless, for students, for socialists, and for those who care for justice. These are my people.

Together, we shall dance.

Today, as a Pagan, I celebrate Beltane – a festival of cleansing, creativity, burgeoning, and the joyous renewal of sex. This is a happy day, a gorgeous day. I honor the season, the strengthening sun, and the ancestors who danced to wake the fields.

Today, as an Anarcho-Socialist, I celebrate May Day – a festival of choosing autonomy, of choosing justice, of choosing to support those who work hard each day, rather than supporting those who rule the land through use of cash. I honor my working class family. I honor my activist friends.

Bonfires will be lit today. Marches will be marched. May Poles will be danced today. Workers will ask for equity, for justice, for a living wage and a good life shared by all.

Today, all over the world, people will march for immigrant rights, for a livable wage, and to commemorate the Haymarket Protests, and the Pullman Strike.

Today, I will honor Dorothy Day who founded the Catholic Worker on May Day 80 years ago.

Today, I will honor Cora Anderson, who died in that liminal space between Walpurgisnacht and May Day, 8 years ago.

These two great women, one whom I knew, and one whom I did not, both taught me many things.

Today, I will fashion a May Pole – tying ribbons to a flag pole in a plaza before a march to raise the minimum wage. Today, I will ask the people of the plaza to join the dance.

May your day be blessed. May justice rise. May we sing together, the traditional song of May:

Happy International Have Sex With a Worker Day*. I hope it is a good one. Bread and roses, everyone. Bread and roses.


This has long been my name for this day. Beltane + May Day = International Have Sex With a Worker Day 

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