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Episode #78 Pantheacon 2015 #3 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Pantheacon 2015 Panel Discussion #3: "Turning the Wheel: Supporting Younger Pagan Leaders", organized by Jason Thomas Pitzl, and moderated by T. Thorn Coyle.

Episode #77 Pantheacon 2015 #2 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Pantheacon 2015 Panel Discussion #2: "Honoring or Appropriation: What is the Difference?"  moderated by T. Thorn Coyle.

Episode #76 Pantheacon 2015 #1 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Pantheacon 2015 Panel Discussion #1: "Bringing Race to the Table" moderated by Crystal Blanton.

Episode #75 AIR - 01/20/15 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn talks with traditional singer Amelia Hogan about the power of breath, creativity, practice, and song.
link: reverbnation.com/ameliaisaverb

Episode #74 SPIRIT - 10/20/14 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn talks about Spirit, religion, Interfaith, justice, and the importance of showing up as we are.

Episode #73 EARTH - 09/15/14 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Storm Faerywolf joins Thorn to talk about Earth, work, money, and living in the manifest world. 
links: faerywolf.com, themysticdream.com

Episode #72 WATER - 08/25/14 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Ravenmoon and Sphinx of the Unnamed Path talk about the leadership and loss of Hyperion/Eddie Gutierrez, their community grieving process, and the power of Water.
links: http://www.unnamedpath.com
Episode72 sponsored by: Tarot by HiC, www.tarotbyhic.net

Episode #71 FIRE - 07/19/14 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn and River Roberts talk about drumming, ecstatic ritual, and the potent power of Fire!
link: http://www.expandinginward.com

Episode #70 AIR - 05/17/14 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Damh the Bard joins Thorn in conversation about Air, inspiration, music, Druidry, and the creative process.
link: http://www.paganmusic.co.uk

Episode #69 FaerieCon West 2014: Precursors to Modern Paganism AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn talks with author and teacher John Matthews about some of the precursors to modern Paganism.
link: http://www.hallowquest.org.uk/ (John & Caitlin Matthews website)

Episode #68 FaerieCon West 2014: Ceremony & Ritual AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn and Robert Gould – artist and the founder of Faerieworlds – discuss the importance of ritual in our lives, from very different perspectives!
link: http://faerieworlds.com/

Episode #67 PantheaCon 2014: Racialist Paganism Panel AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
What is It, and How to Deal with It. Solar Cross Temple hosted Dr. Amy Hale and Ryan Smith presenting on how to spot racialist or white supremacist paganisms. We hope this conversation will be ongoing. This talk, and Pagans and Privilege, only scratched the surface.

Episode #66 PantheaCon 2014: Pagans & Privilege Panel AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Pagans and Privilege, Let's Talk About It. Thorn moderates a panel discussing the varieties of privilege and intersectionality in paganisms with Crystal Blanton, Charlie Glickman, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir and Elena Rose Vera.

Episode #65 PantheaCon 2014: Weiser Author Panel AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Weiser Authors talk about In Service to the Muse, the practice of writing, and the publishing industry. With T. Thorn Coyle, Raven Grimassi, Margot Adler, Diana Paxson, Christopher Penczak, Orion Foxwood, Mary Greer, and Lon Milo Duquette

Episode #64 SPIRIT - 022114 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn and Tara Masery Miller talk about Pagans with disabilities, Earth, practice and the power of the magical body.
link: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/paganswithdisabilities/ (The Staff of Asciepius Blog)
link: http://taramaserymiller.com/ (What do you see in the magic mirror?

Episode #63 EARTH - 012214 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn talks with Alchemist and Palero Christopher Bradford about the power of the body, martial arts, observing Nature, and the power of silence.
link: heavenswithinearth.blogspot.com/

Episode #62 FaerieCon - Four Powers of the Sphinx - 04/26/13 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn teaches on the Four Powers of the Sphinx; To Know, To Will, To Dare, and to Keep Silent.

Episode #61 Pantheacon Panel - Warriorship - 04/26/13 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Coru Cathubodua, a Morrigan priesthood, discuss warriorship.

Episode #60 Pantheacon - Loving Your Demons - 04/03/13 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
T. Thorn Coyle and Lon Milo DuQuette discuss loving your demons.

Episode #59 Pantheacon Panel - Pagans and Privilege - 03/17/13 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Moderated by T. Thorn Coyle.
Panelists: Crystal Blanton, Elena Rose, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir, River Higginbotham

Episode #58 WATER- 10/05/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Water: Thorn speaks with Yeshe Rabbit Matthews about Water and leading from within the flow.


Episode #57 FIRE - 07/15/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Fire: Thorn and Gede Parma talk about the magick of Fire and Creativity and Passion.

Episode #56 AIR - 07/03/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Air: Thorn talks with author Crow Walker about storytelling, and how AIR flows through creativity.

Episode #55 SPIRIT - 06/15/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Spirit: Thorn and Australian musician Wendy Rule have a great discussion on Faery, music, inspiration and the importance of sacred connection.

Episode #54 Pantheacon Panel - Queer Rites - 04/20/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Hosted by Circle of Dionysos. Moderated by Sarah Astarte.
Panelists: T. Thorn Coyle, Dr. Heyden Reynolds, Joi Wolfwomyn, P. Sufenas Virius Lupus.

Episode #53 EARTH - 03/23/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn speaks with Peter Dybing about Haiti, disasters, and serving Goddess and the Earth.

Episode #52 PAGAN HINDU PANEL - 03/08/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Special from Pantheacon ~ Pagans and Hindus Together: One Billion Strong
Panelists are: T. Thorn Coyle, Jason Pitzl-Waters, Mihir Meghani, and Raman Khanna. Moderated by Amadea.

Episode #51 WATER - 01/20/12 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn & Joel Schonbrunn talk about the physical & spiritual aspects of brewing, kayaking, & the cauldron of the Dagda.
Links: www.fodla.org

Episode #50 FIRE - 11/10/11 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast

Thorn talks with priestess Crystal Blanton about Fire, leadership, and the magick of passionate engagement.
Links: http://crystalblanton.com

Episode #49 Oasis Panel - 09/25/11 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
An Earth Traditions-organized panel on the Parliament of World Religions 2009. Join panelists Andras Corben Arthen, Shel Skaw, Barbara McGraw, & T. Thorn Coyle as they talk about the pagan presence at this parliament.

www.ParliamentofReligions.org, www.EarthTraditions.org

Episode #48 AIR - 09/13/11 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn talks with Steven Abell about storytelling, air, and communication.

Episode #47 SPIRIT - 08/02/11 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast Thorn and Debbie Chapnick speak on Spirit, the potency of magickal documents, esoteric publishing, and interpreting communication with the Divine.


Episode #46 EARTH - 07/18/11 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn and Starhawk share thoughts on earth, embodiment of spirituality, working effectively in groups, responsible living, and our personal relationship to who and what we live around and our world. Plus Starhawk's book The Earth Path.


Episode #45 WATER - 07/03/11 AAC Podcast or MP3 Podcast
Thorn and Miss Maya of Ancient Road talk about Water, desert rain, hoodoo, sacred baths, and traditional operative magick.


Episode #44 FIRE - 06/05/11 AAC Enhanced Podcast MP3 (Audio Only)
Thorn and Miguel Conner of AeonByte Radio discuss Fire, Will, creativity, and Occult traditions.


Episode #43 AIR - AIR 05/23/11 AAC Enhanced Podcast MP3 (Audio Only)
Thorn talks with Drake Spaeth PsyD about Air, consciousness, mind, Jung, archetypes and the power of ritual on the psyche.


Episode #42 SPIRIT - SPIRIT 05/05/11 AAC Enhanced Podcast MP3 (Audio Only)
Thorn talks with P. Sufenas Virius Lupus about devotional deity practice, Antinous, and how humans can end up as Gods.


Episode #41 EARTH - EARTH 04/21/11 AAC Enhanced Podcast MP3 (Audio Only)
Thorn and Lon Milo Duquette discuss self-change, the magick of manifestation, and the power of Earth.

Episode #40 PANTHEACON PANEL - Hindu-Pagan Dialogue 3/09/11 download
Panel discussion for Pantheacon featuring Thorn, Selena Fox, (Circle Sanctuary), Easan Kitir and Dr. Mihir Meghani of the Hindu American Foundation.

Episode #39 PANTHEACON PANEL - Pagans and New Media 3/03/11 download
Panel discussion for Pantheacon hosted by Pason Pitz-Waters of the Wild Hunt and Featuring Thorn, Christine Hoff Kraemer (Cherry HIll Seminary), Brandi Palechek (LLewellyn Worldwide), and Star Foster (Patheos Pagan Portal).

Episode #38 WATER 1/21/11 download
Thorn speaks with author and philosopher Brendan Meyers about the process of loneliness and the power of Water.

Episode #37 FPG 11/11/10 download
Thorn Coyle hosts a panel on Women and the Changing Face of Paganism at Florida Pagan Gathering. Guests include Margot Adler, Diana Paxson, and Grandmother Elspeth. Topics include the evolution of the Feminist movement, the importance of preserving our history, activism and politics from a Pagan worldview, and gender roles.

Episode #36 FIRE 10/22/10 download
Thorn Coyle talks about Fire, supporting our will and passion, Sekhmet, the power of walking through the desert, and kicking your own ass.

Episode #35 AIR 09/12/10 download
Thorn talks with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki about Air, knowledge, the powers of observation, and the turning of the age. To learn more about Dolores, please visit:

Episode #34 SPIRIT 08/03/10 download
Thorn Coyle and Ivo Dominguez, Jr. discuss discarnate entities, communing with Gods and Goddesses, and rooting our spiritual experiences firmly in our day to day world.To learn more about Ivo, please visit:

07/19/10 download
Special podcast on Pagan Leadership: Thorn and Jason Pitzl-Waters organized a panel at the Pagan Spirit Gathering in Missouri. Panelists were Thorn, Selena Fox, Patrick McCollum, Cynthea Jones and River Higginbotham.
Additional Links:

Episode #32 EARTH 06/28/10 download
Thorn talks about connection and our relationship with our bodies and the physical realms

Episode #31 WATER 04/11/10 download
Thorn and Mary Greer talk about water, Tarot, cups, boundaries, depth, flow, and the Magician vs the Priestess.
Other links of interest:

Episode #30 FIRE 03/25/10 download
Thorn talks with Gnostic priest Jordan Stratford about alchemical fire inspiration, and the story of Eve.


Episode #29 Pantheacon 2010 02/22/10 download
Special Podcast: "Earth-Based: Are We Really?" Panel at PantheaCon 2010 in San Jose, California. Organized by T. Thorn Coyle, this panel features Weiser authors T. Thorn Coyle, Diana Paxson, Zee Budapest, Orion Foxwood, and Lon Milo DuQuette. Discussion spans our definitions of ourselves as Earth- based, Nature-Based, Cosmos-based, etc. and addresses some of the problems of our times as well as positive media influences such as the movie Avatar.

Episode #28 AIR 01/29/10 download
Thorn Coyle talks with Katrina Messenger about Air, story, myth, and elemental psychology.

Episode #27 SPIRIT 01/03/10 download
Thorn talks with Patrick McCollum about Spirit, community, learning and teaching the Craft, communing with nature, and the evolution of the NeoPagan movement.

Episode #26 EARTH 12/12/09 download
Thorn and Tim Hartridge discuss Earth, Nox, dark nights of the soul, the power of the desert, and returning home.
www. witchesworkshop.com

Episode #25, WATER, 11/22/09 download
Thorn hosts solitary modern witch and seer Brenda Baker as they discuss water, passion, and emotion in the realms of leadership and activism.

Episode #24, FIRE, 11/11/09 download
Thorn talks about fire, will, intention and the power of showing up in
this second solo podcast.

Episode #23, AIR, 10/22/09 download
Thorn talks with musician Regan High Priestess about Air, breath, listening, and the realms of the Fae.
links of interest:

Episode #22, SPIRIT, 10/02/09 download
Thorn and Sam Webster have a lively conversation about aether, akasha, spiritual practice and coming into greater Presence.
Links of interest:

Episode #21, EARTH, 9/10/09 download
Thorn talks with Christopher Penczak about Earth, prosperity, business, and magick..

Episode #20, WATER, 8/19/09 download
Thorn talks about flow & creativity, and the ability to set boundaries, and destiny's role in the evolutional process of growth.

Episode #19, Florida Pagan Gathering, 7/24/09 download
Paganism: Past, Present and Future: A special podcast from the Florida Pagan Gathering. Thorn talks with Margot Adler, Chas Clifton, Gavin
and Yvonne Frost and Lydia Crabtree.

Episode #18, FIRE, 6/23/09 download
Thorn & Scott Rowe, L.Ac. talk about Fire, the body, acupressure, and magick.
Links of in
terest: sacramento-acupuncture.com, rootbranchom.com/

Episode #17, AIR, 5/29/09 download
Thorn talks about air and civil liberty with Selena Fox.
Links of in
terest: circlesanctuary.org, circlesanctuary.org/liberty/

Episode #16, SPIRIT, 5/18/09 download
Thorn talks about community and Spirit with M.Macha Nightmare!
Links of in
terest: machanightmare.com, cherryhillseminary.org, youtube.com

Episode #15, EARTH, 5/1/09 download
Thorn and John Michael Greer talk about Earth, Pagan Arcology, geomancy and more!
Links of in
terest: aoda.org,
thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com, redroom.com/author/john-michael-greer

Episode #14, WATER, 4/17/09 download
Dive into the watery realms of trance as Thorn talks with author Diana Paxson.
Links of interest: seidh.org,

Episode #13, FIRE, 4/3/09 download
Come dance the festival fires, as Thorn talks with firekeeper Aislinn Awatake Firehawk.
Links of interest: www.amethystdreams.biz,

Episode #12, AIR, 3/20/09 download
Thorn talks with RJ Stewart about Air, the Bardic path, spiritual insight, and the powers of inspiration.
Links of interest: http://www.rjstewart.org/, http://www.dreampower.com

Episode #11, SPIRIT, 3/6/09 download
Thorn and tantrika Chandra Alexandre talk about Spirit, breath, Divinity, practice, and the Limitless Divine.
ILinks of interest:

Episode #10, Pantheacon Panel Discussion, 2/22/09 download
On Deity: In this special podcast from Pantheacon, Thorn, Diana Paxson, Lon Milo Duquette, Christopher Penczak and Ivo Dominguez Jr discuss the "The Non-Dual, Polytheism and Contemporary Magic(k): Is the Divine zero, one, many, none, or all of the above?" Stephanie Taylor moderates. Links:

Episode #09, EARTH, 2/6/09 download
Thorn talks with author Karen Tate about amazing sacred sites, Goddess encounters and the powers of Earth. Links from today's podcast: www.karentate.com www.karentate.com/Tate/radio_show.html

Episode #08, WATER, 1/04/09 download
Thorn talks with author Raven Digitalis about magic of Water and the power of emotions.
For additional information on Raven:
www.ravendigitalis.com, www.myspace.com/oakraven, www.newwitch.com/images/pdfs/nw16 Raven Digitalis interview.pdf

Episode #07, FIRE, 12/26/08 download
Fire your energy as Thorn talks with Mark Shekoyan, Ph.D. Topics include daily practices of Will, Fire, Magick...raising kundalini and other energy work as part of an ongoing practice. Additional information on Mark can be found at: www.pranaworks.com

Episode #06, AIR, 12/04/08 download
Thorn talks Air with Jason Pitzl-Waters of the Wild Hunt and a Darker Shade of Pagan. Topics include DJing, club culture, and magic on the airwaves. More information on Jason can be found at: http://www.wildhunt.org/blog.html, http://epimetheus.wildhunt.org/, and http://www.adarkershadeofpagan.com/

Episode #05, SPIRIT, 10/19/08 download
Witch and medium Medusa joins Thorn in a powerful discussion about the living and the dead and talking with and grieving for them.

Episode #04, EARTH, 10/15/08 download
Author Ellen Dugan joins Thorn in a lively discussion about magickal gardening, herbs, and connecting with the sacred soil beneath us. For more information on their work, visit http://www.thorncoyle.com and http://www.ellendugan.com

Episode #03, WATER, 10/02/08 download
Water, Dreams, and Magick. Thorn explores the weave of magick and dreams with dream consultant Anne Hill, exploring depth, dark, dreams, rhythms, and Aikido. Anne is on the faculty of Cherry Hill Seminary, is a co-founder of Circle Round, musician, lifelong witch in the Faery Tradition, among many other accomplishments.

Episode #02, FIRE, 09/17/08 download
T.Thorn Coyle hosts Sharon Knight, magician, musician, and film maker with El Mundo Bueno Studios to talk about FIRE and creativity. Chanting, singing, talking about the weave of creativity, fire, and magick.

Episode #01, AIR, 09/01/08 download
Air and the Power of the Word. On this inaugural podcast of “Elemental Castings”, Thorn is joined by guest Ellen Francik PHD, Adept of the Open Source of the Golden Dawn, and co-owner of Fields Bookstore in San Francisco. They talk about liturgy, invocation, and powers of speech in magickal workings.& Fire.