December, 2015:

Thorn is taking a break from scheduling new clients.

Thank you for your interest!


"Working with Thorn has been transformative and powerfully effective. Her combination of intuition and mental clarity help me to skip right past the clutter of thoughts and patterns that usually distract me, and instead move right to what's most important to me now." - Beth Adele Long


  • Are you at a crossroads?
  • Do you wish to strengthen your practice?
  • Is there specific soul work you are feeling called toward?

Spiritual direction can help.


  • Do you seek insight?
  • Are questions arising regarding your heart's desire or life purpose?
  • Do you want a deeper perspective?

Soul Readings can help.


People willing to risk the new and open to the possibility of change and fulfillment are well served by this work.

Thorn brings decades of study and experience to her spiritual support work. Her approach includes intuitive listening, psychic and emotional availability, a discerning mind, and extensive training and practice in guiding groups and individuals on their spiritual paths.

Soul Readings use a combination of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to help unlock your mythic state, see what surrounds you, what rests inside, and what/who your current allies or blocks may be. Together, we then open to your questions and find what will best support your path. Soul readings are single, 50-55 minute sessions.

Spiritual Direction offers ongoing, structured work to help guide you to your best practice, your deepest work, and a life connected to Spirit. Spiritual Direction works well with an initial 3 month commitment to your process. Rates are now sliding scale! 

Contact Ankhira to Set up a Session or to Make a Payment (Existing Clients)


"My personal history is such that I was resistant to spiritual teachers, and to spiritual traditions.  I was an unlikely client.  Thorn was un-fazed by my position and proceeded to teach me some of the most valuable skills that I now use every day." - Carey Rockland



Interested in Ongoing Spiritual Direction?

Sign up for an introductory Spiritual Direction Session ~ 30 minutes, free of charge.
All spiritual direction is now sliding scale.

Do you desire a single-session Soul Reading?

Book a 55-minute sessions for $100.

Contact Ankhira at info.thorncoyle AT for more information, or to schedule your session.