The following workshops can be done as two day intensives, or tailored to something as brief as a 2-3 hour talk with experiential components. See the Calendar to see what is currently being offered, or contact Kaye for booking and organizing information.

Building Your Astral Temple

There are realms just beyond what the eyes can see, or the ears can hear. Just as there are many places here on earth, there are worlds within worlds, ready to be explored. Whether you experience these worlds as inside your consciousness, or as places separate from you doesn’t matter. The deeper reality of inter-connection is best come to from a place of inner-connection. This workshop will explore all of these possibilities. We will learn the techniques required - a still mind, a calm energy, an open heart - to build our own astral temple, a safe haven for ritual, learning, exploration, and deep rest.

Turn On Your (Psychic) Light

There is a light that shines within us, lighting up occluded spaces. Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient? Everyone is some variation on these, seeing, hearing, sensing or simply knowing. Light up your soul with techniques to expand the senses and aid your psychic opening. During this highly experiential workshop, we will play games, practice psychic skills, get in touch with our God Soul and our Guides, learn to distinguish among various types of information and impulses, talk about centering and boundary work and do readings for each other.

Your Divine Work

Tap into spirit, sex, and life, and listen deeply. What is the song of your soul? What is the desire pumping through your cells? What is your life's purpose and your True
Will? We will listen to deity, to life source, and to our own divine nature and ask the
question "What is the work of this God?" Whatever the answer – a whisper or shout – we will take one more step into full power and liberation.

The Temple of Love and Desire

Magic is the marriage of breath, will and desire. If our lives lack full access to any of these, our magic will not thrive. In this experiential workshop we will learn ways to tap the energy of life and sex, using this to strengthen our will and fuel our work. Energy techniques, meditation and chanting will help us access life power, opening our lives to heightened awareness, energetic sensitivity, and a strong, magical will. Strength, love, and beauty will surely follow.

Self-Possession: Activating the “I am”

We are not unified, but we can be. Discover the importance of Self-Possession, also known as Knowledge and Conversation or the Great Work of the alchemists. Why is this key to magical practitioners of any tradition? What steps are precursors to this state of integration? What energy work can we do to aid this process? In this workshop, we will explore the theory behind it and engage in some practices to draw down our divinity. Intone the “I am” as a spell to become fully human and fully divine.

Merging the Great Planes

All time is now, and all planes coexist. This workshop will examine the helpfulness of first perceiving spirit as different from matter and then seeking the core work of mending what turns out to be the false split between them. Distinction and duality both disappear into limitless extension. We will energetically lock the inverse and upright pentagrams within the self to activate our ability to walk in all the realms. In bringing spirit and matter fully together, we heal ourselves and potentially heal all the worlds.

Engaging the Warrior’s Heart

Magic workers, activists, healers and lovers all need the power within to stand upright, walk their talk and engage their will. This workshop will discuss the Pentacle of Autonomy: Commitment, Honor, Truth, Strength and Compassion and incorporate movements to help open us to these energies. This pentacle is the basis for strong ethics and effective leadership. We will work with the blade and cup, our bodies and breath, forging a strong will and an open heart. Step into the possibility of your own authority.

Creating Ecstatic Ritual

Our souls are fed through the power of inspiration and direct communion with the Gods and the Elements of Life. In this workshop we will see how the parts of soul relate to various parts of ritual. We will sing, drum and dance. Most of all, we will learn to listen to Deity and to the forces around us, and learn then to speak from a place of inspired, poetic connection. Throw your scripts out the window and see what happens!

Rising Up: The Iron Pentacle

Reclaim the qualities of Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion. Call them back to you and claim them as your birthrights. Our culture has twisted these words: we, as Witches, know that we can use these words, they are sacred. They are the building blocks to becoming more human. We will do Devotional Dance especially designed to access these energies. We will explore our blocks to these words and forces. We will journal, sing, and trance. We will run the power of the Iron Pentacle through our human bodies, beginning the work of healing, beginning the work of strength.

Opening Out: The Pearl Pentacle

This builds on the work of the Iron. Reclaim the qualities of Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom. Our culture desperately needs these words to heal its heart and to begin to create new ways of being based on power-with, instead of power-over. We will do Devotional Dance especially designed to access these energies. We will learn to re-direct their flow, and find our places with them in the world. We will learn to connect them with the qualities of Iron, and feel how they resonate together.

Aligning the Triple Soul

We are a trinity. We have a soul that stores the life-force and speaks in symbols and through play. We have a soul that communicates through speech and listening, through words and energy. We have a soul that is Divine, that is ancestor and teacher. Through exercises, Devotional Dance, play, energy work and song, we will learn to better communicate with all the parts of our soul. We will learn to align ourselves through breath-work and prayer. This is another building block to humanness, and is recommended for all, but especially for advanced practitioners looking to deepen their work.