Web Seminars and Teleconferences with Thorn

These courses combine a weekly writing, homework, and check ins with Thorn, and a web forum to discuss your work with other students. See the calendar for forthcoming classes, and contact Kaye for further information or to request a class!

Unlocking Desire

What do you desire? What is your will? Do these two meet within you? Is something brought to birth, or do you starve it until it withers inside? We are a process of becoming into Being. Every facet of life hums with this possibility, Can you hear the dynamic symphony of this very day? This workshop offers techniques to unblock life-power, unhook shame, and take steps to further open to the manifestation of desire in our lives.

Align Your Life

We are all magical beings with the ability to shift our lives from coincidence, to serendipity, to flow. The time to begin is now. Open to consciousness and breath. Take your sacred inventory. Accept your desires. Refine your intention. Align all your parts with the life you are living, and the life you wish to live.

Crafting Magical Ethics

Successful magic requires presence and a willingness to take responsibility for our lives. Until we stand tall within ourselves, our magic will lack effectiveness, and our lives will not be whole. Using the Pentacle of Autonomy (also known as the Warrior’s Pentacle) as our base, we will examine the qualities of Commitment, Honor, Truth, Strength and Compassion and open our lives to fullness, integrity and ethical action.

Your Divine Work

Tap into spirit, sex, and life, and listen deeply. What is the song of your soul? What is the desire pumping through your cells? What is your life's purpose and your True
Will? We will listen to deity, to life source, and to our own divine nature and ask the
question "What is the work of this God?" Whatever the answer – a whisper or shout – we will take one more step into full power and liberation.

Will and Willingness

Are you willing to risk? Are you willing to commit? If not, why? We all make plans, some of us on a daily basis. How often do our plans come to fruition and how often do they fall through? This course will help us plot a course to our will and intention. We will learn to pinpoint what we desire today, and let the rest go for now. We will take on tasks and fulfill them, or examine closely why we are not moving forward.

Cultivating Ease

One sign that something is awry or constricted in our lives is noticing that we worry. Worry can give us a false sense that we are controlling a situation over which we really have no or little control. This course will help us to identify the signs of non-helpful worry. We will then go through steps to begin invoking ease into our lives. With ease, flows life energy, and with that energy, flows power.

Crafting a Daily Practice

Effective people all have some daily touchstone. If your life is not as you wish, or you are foundering spiritually, running from epiphany to being stuck, it is likely that daily practice is missing from your life. This course will explore what the components of a strong daily practice are and why it is important to have one. Woven into these will be the question: “Why might daily practice be important to me and how can it help?”

Becoming Integrated: The Elements of Life

How are your thoughts affecting your life? Where are you placing your energy? Do your emotions match the rest of you? What is your relationship to your body? Is your soul satisfied? Bring your life closer to wholeness by exploring your place in the elemental flow.