Crafting Spiritual Evolution: An Elemental Series

Beginning September 1, 2015

Deepen your quest for self-awareness, centered living, and spiritual connection. Join author and teacher T. Thorn Coyle in an in-depth exploration of the Elements of Life. We will spend three months exploring and opening, and a fourth month integrating the following, each in turn:

Air: Discernment, Self-Knowledge, and Soul

Fire: Energy, Will, and Action

Water: Intuition, Emotion, and Flow

Earth: Body, Manifestation, and Mystery

Once we have cycled through these four directions, additional work on Expansion, Deepening, and Centering will be offered for those who wish to continue.

This course is limited to 25 participants and will be assisted by long-term Morningstar Mystery School practitioners: Sarah, Rynn, and Sandra.

Course requirements: Daily spiritual practice, Weekly homework, one monthly video class session with Thorn and/or the assistant and student teachers - these are usually scheduled for Sunday mornings, pacific time. Other chats will be scheduled as needed. Our text is Evolutionary Witchcraft. You need not identify as a Witch to take this course. If you are not sincere about doing the work required, please do not apply.

We will work on Air for three months, take one month to integrate and digest the material, and then continue to Fire and so on. Participants are encouraged to take the whole series to enable their personal practice, self knowledge, and connection to spirit to deepen and develop.

Registration: please contact Ankhira at

A letter of intention will be required via email. Please tell us what sort of training or experience you may have, and that you are willing to commit to doing the work outlined. This course is the foundational work of Morningstar Mystery School and begins September 1st.

The first round of letters for application will be accepted between May 1st and June 1st. If the course fills at that time, we will consider adding a second class.

This is a course for spiritual development and deepening, and is not tied to any initiatory tradition. 

Cost: sliding scale $300-450 for each three month segment. Those who can afford to pay near the top subsidize those who need financial assistance. It is possible to pay on a monthly basis. Some partial scholarships are available, please inquire.

People who have engaged with this work have found the mutual support and shared ideas and experiences to be invaluable. This sort of commitment to self and soul can be life changing.