Explore Yourself, Serve the World.

Morningstar and the teaching of T. Thorn Coyle spring from deep religious and spiritual practice. Seekers can use the work here to supplement their own spiritual path, or can go on to do further, more intensive work with Thorn over time. Web seminars are a good option for those less familiar with Thorn’s work, or who have a strong personal path already established.

Thorn brings her years of practice and esoteric study to bear on all the courses taught. Morningstar Mystery School itself is growing and changing, with mentors currently being trained to further deepen and enrich the work of the school and Solar Cross. God Hirself is ever in process, and so are we.

Morningstar offers many ways to “Know Thyself:”

Current online students
If you are already enrolled in one of Thorn's online classes, this page will give you access to the online class tools.

Spiritual Direction
For individuals at transition points on their paths seeking specific, personal guidance. Click the link for more information on personal work with Thorn.

Web Seminars For those who wish to study at home. See calendar section for upcoming classes.

Study Groups For people who are working through Thorn’s books or doing other spiritual study together. Thorn can speak to you via web technology to answer questions or lead you through meditations. Contact Ankhira to set up a session with your own regional group.

Morningstar Mystery School is the main teaching arm of Solar Cross Temple, which is dedicated to pan-magical practice, worship, education and service.


Note: Thorn no longer teaches weekend intensives. Her current work involves running Solar Cross Temple, doing soul work with individuals, teaching online classes, engaging in activism, and writing fiction!