Welcome to Morningstar

Morningstar Mystery School brings the teaching of T. Thorn Coyle to students and seekers regardless of physical location. Our online courses combine:

  • Weekly reading assignments from Thorn
  • Weekly homework
  • Video chats
  • Mentors who assist with classes
  • Web forum to discuss your work with other students and Thorn

Thorn's teachings spring from deep religious and spiritual practice. Seekers can use the work here to supplement their own spiritual path, or can go on to do further, more intensive work with the Morningstar Mystery School over time.

Students in Thorn’s online classes often remark at the sense of support and camaraderie they feel with one another, and how this helps their spiritual process. Classes are guided by Thorn with the help of the Morningstar Mentors, offering different viewpoints and deep compassion from those who have walked through this work before. Every part of you is welcome on the journey. Please join us.

God Hirself is ever in process, and so are we.

Additional Study Options

Fiat LVX offers video-based instruction available via digital download and Elemental Castings connect listeners to a variety of practitioners and lively panel discussions.

Soul Work with Thorn is one-on-one instruction (one-time or ongoing) either by phone or via Skype.

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Crafting Spiritual Evolution

Beginning in September, 2015, there is an opportunity for ongoing study with Thorn and the Morningstar Mystery School.
Dive into the Elements and discover yourself with Crafting Spiritual Evolution.

To sign up for a class, contact Ankhira who will guide you through enrollment or put you on an "interested" list. While we ask a fair price for classes –which fund the service & justice projects of Solar Cross Temple– some scholarships are always available. Just ask if you are in need.

Contact Ankhira to Enroll

Pay Tuition (Current Students)

Weekend Workshops

Thorn is taking a break from teaching weekend intensives.

Study Group Skype Sessions

Working through one of Thorn's books with a study group? Thorn is available for periodic Skype consultations to answer questions and help you through some of the work.

Contact Ankhira via email to set up a Skype session.