Love Will Win


To my friends and comrades dishing out love in the face of daily pain, I thank you.

I know it feels hard right now. I also know that, though the road may be long, we will continue to walk it, together.

Though today feels like a battle, love will win.

I also want to remind those who think the face of pain should be the face of playing nice: the expression of love takes many forms, including grief and rage.

Love can feel soft or hard.
Love can be a warm embrace or a direct confrontation, soul to soul.

Love is necessary.
I hope that we keep practicing.


Quitting is Beginning


racetrack by DS Conner (morguefile)

“You’ll begin to re-evaluate exactly what it is that you love,” he said. And so, the shifts within become even more explicit. Sometimes we need to quit, in order to begin. I’ve loved teaching and blogging. I’ve loved writing books … Continued