Cycles: Being With What Is


We don’t always have to catch up.

Sometimes we need to slow down and notice more. Sometimes we need to let things go. Sometimes we need to tap back into the flow. Sometimes we need to be with an expanded sense of what is.

This morning, I checked in on my students, including those who are currently working through Make Magic of Your Life. We are studying Desire and how it flows through the Four Powers of the Sphinx.

One student confessed to feeling behind. Here was my response:

Working through the Four Powers –To Know. To Will. To Dare. To Keep Silence.–  is cyclical.

This isn’t a one time journey. We can make these cycles as small as a day and as long as several years, and there are cycles within cycles. Give yourself permission to Know Will Dare and Keep Silence every day. Then give yourself permission to be with these Powers for the long term.

As always, our most basic practices support this. It is in getting too far from what we know to be true – that we need to show up for ourselves and not only go through the motions of practice, but tap into the connection that these practices offer. 

So I ask you: what in you feels behind?

Can you allow yourself to get back to the most basic things that support your life?

Can you remember that every day you can access your ability to listen, sense, and Know? Can you remember that every day you can set intention into action and Will? Can you remember that even seemingly small things can require the heart to Dare? Can you sink back into center, breathe, and open to the wisdom that arises from Silence?

Find a way to root into your life, into your self, into your work, into your practices, and into your community.

And then: berry branch by The Senator - morguefile

Allow yourself to love.

Allow yourself to flow.

Allow yourself to curl up into silence.

Allow yourself to reach out toward the sun.

Ask: What do I need, right now? What is my heart and soul longing for?

And then ask: What does someone else need of me? How can I serve?

The Ordinary Life


bicycle wheel by Pedro J. Perez (via morguefile)

“We did not turn the earth upon its axis – what we turned, and still might turn, was purely our own souls.” – Kathryn Hinds I am often a proponent of following desire, of stepping into our true will and … Continued