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Thorn's first novel – Like Water– is a tale of two best friends in Oakland, CA struggling with the aftermath of a violent death at the hands of the police. Like Water is now available in paper of electronically from your local bookshop and on Amazon, or the PF Publishing e store. It will be for sale on other e-book platforms by June, 2015.


"Like Water is a love letter to both the streets of Oakland and the youth who walk them. It tells of the city's history as well as the conflagrations threatening to devour it. These are characters attempting to love through the fire."

– Nayomi Munaweera author of Island of a Thousand Mirrors


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Short Stories

Coming in July, 2015, are two magical short story collections that bridge our world, fantasy, and science future.

Look for Alighting on His Shoulders and To Inhale the Fragrant Air this summer!ShortStoryCovers 1&2 d

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