You can now own Fiat LVX via digital download! Every series includes up to six topics on spiritual and magical practice. Each video chapter has two segments - one theory and one practice - on the same theme. The chapters link with subsequent videos, helping to build context for our spiritual lives.


Video topics include:

  • energy activation
  • polarity integration
  • inclusive magic
  • balancing our triple soul
  • drawing down our divine natures
  • establishing strong spiritual practice

Fiat LVX helps round out training for people of a variety of spiritual and magical traditions, and offers teaching to those attempting to practice on their own. May we all deepen in our magic, our work, our devotion, and our presence in the unfolding process of the cosmos.

Let there be Light!

Are you curious what the Fiat LVX video series is like? Here's a sample video from 2012: