Fiat LVX is now closed but the work continues! Look for digital downloads of every series, coming soon!

Greetings! Fiat LVX is a series of teaching videos composed of chapters with two segments - one theory and one practice - on the same theme. The chapters link with subsequent videos, helping to build context for our spiritual lives. No matter where you start in the series, however, the work each month will provide food for thought and practice.


Video topics include:

  • energy activation
  • polarity integration
  • inclusive magic
  • balancing our triple soul
  • drawing down our divine natures
  • establishing strong spiritual practice

Fiat LVX helps round out training for people of a variety of spiritual and magical traditions, and offers teaching to those attempting to practice on their own. May we all deepen in our magic, our work, our devotion, and our presence in the unfolding process of the cosmos.

Pricing & Access

Access to the Member’s site is $20 per month. This covers the cost of producing the videos – paying the hot staff of El Mundo Bueno Studios – and other expenses, along with access to the discussion forum. Any money left over funds Solar Cross ventures and service projects such as prison ministry, social justice, publishing and subsidizing spiritual education for low-income individuals.

The videos are only available during the months any one series is running. These are streaming, not downloadable. You are purchasing the class, and not the videos themselves.

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Let there be Light!

Are you curious what the Fiat LVX video series is like? Here's a sample video from 2012:

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Elemental Magic

Spend six months increasing your knowledge of magic and yourself.

This series deepens our understanding of the elements and expands our abilities to comprehend and wield the tools of magic and change.

This work strengthens us. This work heals. This work helps us build community. This work changes lives.

Why Elemental Magic?

How long has it been since you've held a wand in your hand and called down the power of the sun?

How long has it been since you've wielded the blade and felt the full power of your will and intention?

How long has it been since you've allowed yourself to drink deeply, to feel fully supported, to gaze into the black mirror, or light the cauldron that fuels your life's work?

Step into the elements. Greet your tools. Be changed.

It becomes too easy to take our tools for granted, to forget their teachings, to think we do not need them. But we do. Our tools are reminders of who we are and where we stand in our relationship to the Cosmos and the Gods. Our tools also show us who we can become: priests, artists, magic makers, world changers at one with the tides of space and time.

Commit to your magic. Take up your tools.