Ongoing: Fiat LVX! July through December is in depth work on Elemental Magic! Thorn talks to you via streaming video twice monthly. One video covers spiritual/magickal theory, and one offers a practice for you to engage with. Practice prompts are also provided to deepen the work. Share the work with others in our forum, guided by Thorn and Morningstar Mentors. Cost is only $20 per month for the class. Sign up at any time. Fiat LVX will soon be available for digital download, so you can own copies to watch whenever you wish. Stay tuned!


June 15-22
Pagan Spirit Gathering
Thorn will be leading workshops and hanging out at the largest Pagan camping event in the US! Join the fun!
Stonehouse Farm, IL
Information and Registration: Circle Sanctuary
July 25-27
Thorn will be leading workshops, playing music, and dancing to awesome bands! 
Eugene, OR
Information and Registration: Faerieworlds
Sept 2014 - March 2015
Make Magic of Your Life
A new online course with Thorn!
Explore the Four Powers: To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silence. Manifest your desire.
For more information: Make Magic Class
Registration: info.thorncoyle (at)
October 24-26, 2014
Western Mystery Conference
Thorn will be presenting with a great lineup!
Austin, TX
For more information: Western Mystery Conference

Thorn's newest book "Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose, and the Power of Desire" is available from Field's Books. Read some great reviews! 

Older Events:


Opening the Divine Channel: Creativity and Listening to the Sacred
This is an online, self-paced course with discussion boards and chats.
Love Your Demons, Love Yourself! 
We all have them: call them Shadows, Complexes, or Things We Try To Avoid But Can’t Really…
Spirituality in Times of Crisis
A benefit for Occupy Sandy
Manifestation: the Four Powers of the Sphinx
A book event, class, and benefit for Occupy Sandy.
Engaging the Warrior's Heart 
Pentacle of Autonomy: Commitment, Honor, Truth, Strength and Compassion
We Are One With The Sun
a day of magic and ritual with Ivo Dominguez Jr, Katrina Messenger, Michael Smith and Aeptha.
Thorn will be teaching on Solar Manifestation.
Crafting a Daily Practice
This popular online course returns!
Your Computer
information and registration:
The Power of Desire
Winterswijk, The Netherlands
information and registration: HoTW
January 6 - March 30
Three Faces of Brigid: Twelve Weeks with a Goddess
Sink into the healing well, step up to the sacred fire of inspiration, lay down between anvil and hammer and let your life be shaped.