A Pagan at Equinox


We say the sun has shifted

'cross celestial equator.

It is but our perception of the sun.

We are the thing now

Shifting through the sky.


- written Equinox Morning, September 23, 2014, Northern Hemisphere, Pacific Time

The first sunrise of the Autumnal Equinox feels special somehow.

Facing due East, I greet the light, then turn to the ancestor altar to say good morning with a bow.

Our perception of the sun’s path, our perception of how the light hits us when we turn our faces skyward, our perceptions…are so important. We are animals here on Sagan’s pale blue dot. We are animals concerned with day and night, warm and cold. We are animals who want to know: do we have enough to get through the coming time?

Last night, I marked the exact Equinoctial moment, while at a friend’s reading at City Lights Books. I also did a bit of magic yesterday evening. A tuning in.

Most Pagans honor the Equinox today, but celebrated on Sunday, because it is easier for working people to gather then. Solar Cross Temple had our apple harvest then, picking, and washing, and pressing flesh into juice, then toasting to Goddess Idunna with the sweetness of the harvest.

I marked the celestial event last night, yet I gathered in community on Sunday, and this morning...

This morning I noticed that the sunrise from my office window was glowing in a place that felt exact. East. And the days will change now.

Equinox is an event. But equinox is also many events, because this animal here on earth doesn’t have the skill to measure the exact moment the sun’s rays appear to cross the celestial line. But I have access to other animals who do have that measurement. So I celebrate them all.

I mark the Equinox by noting when the apples start falling from the trees.

I mark the Equinox by gathering with others to harvest and feast.

I mark the Equinox by noting the exact time science tells me the earth and sun shift their relationship.

And I use an older science: I watch the place the sun appears to rise.

I am Pagan, in all these ways. I am animal and human, on this earth. I have science and my senses. I can listen to the trees and watch the sun.

Blessings to you, be you North or South, Autumn or Spring. Blessings of the earth and of the sun.

Here is my offering to you, feel free to pass it on:


Autumn Equinox

5 Responses to “A Pagan at Equinox”

  1. Catharine Clarenbach

    This post feels so good and–not surprisingly, given the apples–juicy.
    In my home state of Pennsylvania, I was so aware of the turn of the year at the Fall Equinox.
    Here, now, in my new state of Oregon, I am _learning_ what the seasons mean. I know that here, today, this week, the rains are returning, and I am greeting the lower temperatures and the blessing of the water with joy.

    Being animals on this earth, being human animals, being scientific animals, being Pagan animals, we have so many opportunities to mark the Wheel’s turns. Thank you for sharing your rich practice of this year. Blessings of Pomona on your year.

    • Thorn

      I really appreciate the ability to notice. To tune to the seasons. We are not part of some random calendar. We are part of the calendar of home.

  2. Raven

    This is absolutely beautiful. I mark the Equinox in many similar ways.

    Thank you, and Autumn blessings to you, as well~ )o(


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