Our Children: Refugees



“The refugee crisis is now our problem, which is appropriate: The drug-linked violence that the children are fleeing is in large part our fault.”  –Charles Kenny

There is a crisis at our border.

There are children running from rape, torture, violence, and murder. They are running to safety.

When I was asked to attend an interfaith prayer gathering for these children in front of the San Francisco Federal Building today, I immediately asked if they already had a Pagan leading prayer. They did not, and asked me to please offer one.

I began to meditate on who I would pray to. The one Being who kept stepping forward was Demeter. But that isn’t exactly right, I thought. These children have not been kidnapped away from their parents.

Demeter replied:
"But so many have been taken, and these have been sent away for fear that they will be taken, too. They have been sent away for fear that they will be raped. They have been sent away for fear that they will be murdered. They have been sent away for fear that their bodies will be swallowed by the earth."

Demeter said:
I know what it is to be a parent wracked with grief.
Sing my song.

These children are refugees. These are Demeter’s children. And Danu’s. And Tonantzin’s. These are the children of many Goddesses and Gods. These are children of many parents.

These are our children.

I will stand and pray for these children.

Demeter, hold us.
Demeter, give us strength.
Demeter, lend us perseverance in the face of fear and grief.


And Tonantzin, Mother of the Americas, protect your children.

Let them know that they are home.



If you wish to sing with me, you may find the tune to my chant here.

I changed some words to better fit today's action:  Prayers for the Children
Come to me, body of grace.
Come to me, soul of light!
Come to me, rest your head.
I will give you life!

We are the people.
We are the song.
We stand together, sacred and strong.


Call to Action

Solar Cross Temple is raising funds to send to

Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Please donate via PayPal to solarcrosstemple@gmail.com
with the subject line: For Border Children.

Save your receipt for tax deduction purposes. You may also donate to RAICES directly if you wish. There are many places accepting donations. After much research, we chose RAICES because of their track record and low administrative overhead.

Don’t have money to donate? There are other things you can do:
Send a letter to a child being held.
Write your congress people or representatives.
Join the candlelight vigil, Saturday August 9th.
Ask your mayor or city council about offering homes to children locally.

Here are some examples: http://www.kgw.com/story/news/2014/08/04/13333862/


Update: after a comment from a colleague regarding these children belonging to their own Goddesses and Gods, I added the final lines about Tonantzin. She is a Goddess whom I honor as the Goddess of California, but of course, her love reaches further than this. I also changed the title of this piece to reflect that these children are the responsibility of us all.






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  1. Wyn

    Goosebumps and tears. Our magicks are made to shelter the innocent as they are the youngest upon our energetic line. To hurt this is to hurt ourselves. And for them to come in refuge from a place of pain in hopes that they will see a better day, then getting told that “no they are not welcome here” they must lose hope. How many of these children just decide that suicide is the only option? I ask Lady Demeter, Lady Innana, and all Goddess archetypes to move their energy forward and teach the American people compassion for the children entering. Love will LIBERATE their bodies, minds, and souls and they will create excellence as the future of our nation.
    Thank you Thorn. AMAZING work you are doing.


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