In Memorium






Memorial Day is a way to honor those killed in battle. I honor those victims of all sides – Whether enlisted men and women, or civilians. Whether they died on a battlefield or from mental, emotional, or physical anguish as a consequence. The cost of war is too high. 

Today, I also remember the Freedmen of South Carolina, the men and women who, in 1865, made individual graves for the soldiers dumped in a mass grave at Washington Race Course, turning it into a graveyard, and hosting the first Decoration Day there. 

2 Responses to “In Memorium”

  1. Syrbal/Labrys

    Our Memorial Day weekend, in a house where all the family is veterans, was swept away by the deaths in California — where a man decided to make war on women, and yet slaughter both men and women. As soldiers, my family worked and fought to keep Americans safe from dangers foreign and domestic — and yet, the “war” seems ever present right here at home in our broken hearts.

    • Thorn


      War begins in our hearts. You are right.

      blessings to you and your family.


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