Burgeoning Life – May Day

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I give thanks for the coming of May. 

I give thanks for flowers.

I give thanks for sun.

I give thanks for love.

I give thanks for work.

I give thanks for water.

I give thanks for sex.

I give thanks for this beautiful earth. 

I give thanks.

This year, I will neither leap the fires nor dance a Maypole. This year, I will spend in gratitude practice. I will attend a rally to raise the minimum wage in my area. Then I will go off to the woods with friends. I will soak in hot pools and contemplate. I imagine I will laugh. Drink some wine. Share food.

Life is burgeoning and beautiful, even in the midst of hardship and sorrow.

In the midst of the seizing of 230 Nigerian girls. In the midst of immigrant deportations. In the midst of people sleeping on the street. In the midst of water being poisoned. In the midst of trees felled. Whales slaughtered. In the midst of greed.

Life is burgeoning and beautiful.

I am thinking of my teacher, Cora Anderson, who died in the spaces between Walpurgisnacht and May Day, 2008. On the topic of life, burgeoning and beautiful in the midst of pain and the slide toward death, there has been no better teacher for me.

I wish you all blessings, love, and something to be thankful for, whether the season approaches Beltane or Samhain for you. Regardless of approaching Summer or Winter, life is happening everywhere.

Beauty is created. Beauty dwells…

Beltane/May Day T. Coyle
pic by T. Thorn Coyle



I leave you with my usual May 1st equation that

Beltane + May Day = International Have Sex With a Worker Day! 

However you choose to honor this day, I hope you enjoy, and hope the scent of flowers overpowers any teargas thrown.

May all people be free, empowered, well, and happy. May we build a culture of equity, justice, and love. 


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