Presence: Reading Patterns

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Witches and magic workers are pattern readers. We read runes, or flights of birds,  weather, candle smoke, or colored cards... Yet too often we can forget to read the patterns we see daily: the ones closest to us, in our dearest relationships.


We can slow down inside. We can center ourselves. We can teach ourselves to truly listen, sense, and see. 


  • What have we been missing?
  • What assumptions do we make?
  • What habits of relationship have we entangled?Flight of birds by Schick (morguefile)


Clear mind and heart with breath.

Scrub the body with salt and clean water.

Stand in full sunlight, and under the moon.


Ask yourself three questions:

  • What have I wanted to see, sense, or hear?
  • What have I not wanted to see, sense, or hear?
  • What do I actually see, sense, or hear?

Begin your training: Listen. Look. Feel. Taste. Smell.


What is your relationship to your family, your friends, your beloveds, and this Earth?


Cultivate that which brings you into active presence.
Slowly shift that which binds your attention to distraction and assumption. 


Truly live.



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  1. Syrbal/Labrys

    It is the patterns in myself that I watch for most carefully; to note when I am triggered or when I am triggerING — in a PTSD affected couple, it requires vigilance to not let the loving and caring be swept away in reaction.


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