The Calling


When you stand before the fire
There shall be no more weeping.
The trees shall whisper and wind shall moan:
Your fate is in your hands.

What is the path of your choosing?
How shall you walk this road?
With spine that reaches, earth to sky
And feet that tread surely.

Drink now of the waters
That bring life to your soul.
There is nothing that will quench
Your thirst like this. 

Set forth. Be well. Walk strong.

T. Thorn Coyle

This is an offering for the annual Brigid in the Blogosphere festival. I wrote it in 2010

My friends and I will gather and read poetry in Her honor tomorrow night. 

May your cream be sweet and your hearth warm. 

4 Responses to “The Calling”

  1. kerstin

    thank you for such beautiful words..i am so happy i get to learn and walk what i was suppose to know and where i was suppose to go

  2. Maggie

    Thanks so much for celebrating Brigid with poetry! Such beautiful calling …


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