To Gasp in Awe



"There was Earth. Afloat in space. Seen not with color coded countries and political boundaries delineated, but only as nature intended: with oceans, land, clouds. We went to the Moon as explorers, and discovered Earth for the first time." – Neil deGrasse Tyson


Forty-five years ago, humans saw the earth from space.

These were no shamans, traveling in the aether, bringing visions of their journeys home.

Three men in space, surrounded by metal and blinking lights. Orbiting the moon. And then there, out there:

A breathtaking view of home.


Those of us who dare to live un-jaded are still in awe. How can we not be? 


I was going to write more today, a brief essay on the importance of shifting perspective and how it affects the Power to Know. I was going to write about the importance of feeling, truly feeling, our place in the scheme of things. I was going to write about awe, and why we miss it, and why it is important.

But any words I thought to set down pale in comparison to this:




There is beauty, here on earth. There is beauty out in space. We are beloved, if we allow ourselves to be.

We too, can recall wonder. We too, can gasp in awe. 

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  1. Ariana Dawnhawk

    Thank you for this beautiful post! You captured some of why I find space exploration important and inspiring.


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