Blessed Solstice


The sun has risen once again. May your day be blessed. May your home be blessed. May your life be blessed.

For a third year now - the first was in 2008, and the second in 2011 – my annual Solstice poem which began as a gift to friends and family, has turned itself into a song.

Here it is, my gift to you. May we all rise like the Unconquered Sun:



Where is the magic that will 
Turn our fear to ash? 
Where is the magic that will 
Kindle this new day? 

Turning. Turning. Turning. 
The falcon slips its jesses 
Turning. Turning. Turning. 
And flies free. 

We greet the Sun! 
We are the Sun! 
Believe in us!


Listen and download the song for free (or by donation). 


4 Responses to “Blessed Solstice”

  1. katzmeow

    Lovely- Thank you. and all blessings back to you from me. Thank you for all you do for us.

  2. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    A very happy Solstice/Mother Night/etc. to you, Thorn!

    A question on the second verse of your song: is there some (deliberate) W. B. Yeats referencing/allusion there? If it isn’t deliberate, well then, it just proves his Spiritus Mundi line in that same poem! 😉 (Sorry…one can’t do a big study on “The Second Coming” in high school and not have it stick in one’s head forever and ever.)

    • Thorn

      Yes, that Yeats reference was intentional! Love that poem.

      As my Solstice song from two years ago says, however:
      There is no apocalypse to come,
      No messiah leads our journey
      There is now this chance to turn the wheel,
      For sleeping ones to rise!

      Blessings of this season to you, Brother Lupus!


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