Invoking the Great Below


Magic is the marriage of breath, will, and desire. 


Magic is the cultivation of, and the stepping into, our power.

Magic changes our consciousness. Changing our consciousness helps us to change the world we build with one another.

To change our consciousness requires that we observe ourselves and observe the world. To recognize the flow of All, we must learn to recognize the component parts of Self, to notice the small and subtle things around us, and to recognize what operates everything from DNA to galaxies.

If we take this process of exploration into ourselves, we are well served by asking the following questions:


What am I denying? What am I avoiding? What do I fear? Where is my shame?


This is all in the cauldron. All of our subconscious feelings, all of our shutting down, all of our fear feed the fires of the hidden, what we sometimes call the chthonic, or the Great Below.

I feel sad sometimes at how much we live in a culture of denial, not only because it affects us on a personal level, stunting our growth and ability, and not only because of course it seeps out into how we interact with one another, but because we are denying a great source of our power. We become weaker over time, tied up in knots, constricted, unable to flow and move with freedom.

Light the cauldron. Invoke the Powers Below. Feel what’s at the root. Stare into the flames and become illuminated.


When we bring things to the light, we can be changed. 

7 Responses to “Invoking the Great Below”

  1. Kim McDonald

    I find myself confronted with this lately. I’ve been trying, over the last few months to strip away the crutches I’ve been using for avoidance. After a couple of years of busy chaos, good and bad, things have quieted down. And in that quiet, other things, long buried or ignored are rising. And that makes me very uncomfortable and sad at times.
    The urge to sink back into denial is very strong because I don’t know what to do or where to go right now. I feel stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck. So I remember what you say and sit with my discomfort and work it, knowing the answers will come.

    • Thorn

      Kim, discomfort and sadness are natural.

      What are the most basic tools you have? What helps you to use those tools?

      Connect with your breath. Connect with the parts of you that feel strong and whole. Let those parts help the others.

      love to you. – T>

  2. Kim McDonald

    Love to you as well ! It’s funny, I say similar things to my kids at the Center to help them learn copung skills. Guess I should counsel myself! Lol.

  3. Sea Serpent

    The more I get out of denial, the more I find myself mourning a loss of innocence. Perhaps I am getting somewhere.

    • Thorn

      Sea Serpent, one step at a time. The steps are not always comfortable, for sure. I am reminded of the way a limb that’s been asleep feels when blood starts flowing properly again…

  4. Leni

    I feel this right now. I feel so many calls to step up and be far more engaged and invested in my life, every aspect of it. And as much as I can welcome the changes and set intentions for them, resistance comes up hard. I can tell the tiny shifts, in behavior and thought, are threatening because the menu of distractions ramps up daily! so many reasons not to get on the mat, or in front of the altar. It’s not easy to approach what we push down or discard.


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