The World Will Not End But We May Change


Awaken to the sounds of apocalypse:
Quiet house. Distant traffic.
Water boiling once the kettle is switched on.
The striking of a match.
The hiss of candle lighting.
And my prayers…
I am sure in other places
Apocalypse sounds different.
Children petulant from lack of food.
Fighting over money
or who gets to use the car,
Who takes the bus.
The concussion of a bomb
From silent skies.
Apocalypses don’t come sudden.
They can sound like day to day.
We run after each other
Arms upraised to catch a falling world.
They keep telling us the sky
Is firm above,
But it is slippery as their lies,
That tell us nothing we don’t know.
This world is ending.
Every sound announces so.
Some day we will waken to the sounds
Of a new world.
What will that sound like?

A woman rolling over to make love.
A kettle hissing. A match striking.
And a child eating his breakfast.
Beginning or ending,
The ordinary things are what we have.


17 Responses to “The World Will Not End But We May Change”

  1. Lyssa

    Oh, I like this, the tension of both/and held here, calling us to each other and the now.
    Thank you!

  2. Cathie Rayes


    I’m working on the apocalypse as fast as I can… and I surely hope we all change. May fear recede; may love be the byword of the day.

  3. kerstin

    my apocalypse is happening all around me …sometimes very scary but also so uplifting.. this one here gave me new courage.. thank you 🙂

  4. Sea Serpent

    This is wonderful. Thank you!

    Last night, I had been doing Thoth Tarot card readings, and my favorite card in this deck, the Two of Disks (Change) kept coming up.

    What Aleister Crowley says about this card in the Book of Thoth: “According to the doctrine that Change is the support of stability, the card is called Change.”

    I love how your poem suggests that apocalypse is always going on, all the time; and not always on a grand scale. If anything, apocalypse can also be quite subtle.

    When I embrace my apocalypse, love happens.

    • Thorn

      Love is always a good thing. Glad to hear it. Embracing something brings us there more quickly in my experience as well.

  5. Sea Serpent

    One thing I forgot to say (sorry):

    It is really true; there is no stability without change.

  6. Ken Gordhamer

    Funny you should post this today – I woke up with the thought “Any day can be the day it happens.” Synchronicity is cool.

  7. the Hedge Sister

    Serenity and chaos, love and fear…all melting together in your message to us today. Beautiful and poignant. Thank you and blessings to you and yours.

  8. Margus Waffa

    We return to what we was, not so much of change as in to something else… there is only one road, it is called (also in Abrahamic religion and Native beliefs) a Matriarchy


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