Need and Offering



What do you need?

Comfort? Strength? Joy? Hope? Love? Expression?

Is there any way you can offer some of that to another person?

Can you pour it as an offering to tall trees?

Can you whisper it to the moon?

In offering some of what we need, it enters. Service becomes our meditation. Life becomes our work.

We are built to communicate through sight, and touch, and sound.

What song is your life singing?

What incense rises from your altar?

How shall you dance?

10 Responses to “Need and Offering”

  1. Oisin

    I read this today and think went back to the work on doing in my life now. I have an issues what a former roommate/friend where I feel this person has no gratitude. When the issues started it may will me look at my own level of gratitude. I think the lesson here is that if I want gratitude I most also offer it to the people in my life. That was long this blog remind of my own work today

    • Fourge

      I’m going through something similar right now, Oisin, only it’s with my partner. There is a lack of communication that we’ve had since near the beginning of our relationship. Noticing my pattern in this with my last partner-relationship, I decided to change my part and open the flow of communication within me. But my partner refuses. I’ve seen the pattern with him; he does this often and with many people and circumstances. I also realized there was a lack of gratitude from both parts. But I can no longer sweep problems under the rug. My soul won’t allow it anymore, no matter how hard I may ever try, nor should I ever.

      Thorn, a bulb lit in my mind reading your post. I kept asking, wishing, hoping, and doing what I could to open the flow of communication between my partner and I. I opened up to talking. I did my work. I kept hoping he would, too. I thought he never did.

      “In offering some of what we need, it enters.”

      I thought, “I’ve **been** offering comunication! And I’m still not getting it in return.
      In actuality, I am. His communication is that he doesn’t want to communicate. I spoke. He responded. It was an end response, but there was communication. I needed communication, I gave it, and I got it back, though not the way I wanted it exactly. Yet maybe I got what I needed after all.

      In all, I’m proud of myself for the way I handled things (I have a temper that goes rogue when I let it..) I was centered, I felt Godsoul above, I filtered my words to what I needed to say, I never shouted, I opened to different possibilities. I did my magic. I did my work, aligned with my will. ‘Tis done.

      • Oisin

        For Me, Fourge I understand the lack of communication my with my former roommate/Friend I can undo the past. At the moment he is acting out of a place of anger at me. So just let go of the friendship for now, The communication is anger. For me personally I think it ok to be anger it dose give someone to right to walk all over you.

        • Fourge

          Of course, I say it’s okay to be angry, too. Sometimes it’s necessary. it was necessary in my circumstance. I couldn’t ignore the problems anymore. He kept pretending there were none. My anger got out of whack and I hurt myself accidentally. Finally, I came to stillness and centered in my anger and said what I needed to say. And know what? Either there will be an adjustment in our relationship so that we have a better future, or do as you said and he and I will go separate ways. I’ve been reunited with my will here. I don’t ever have to go through hiding my feelings ever again.

          And no, anger is no reason to let someone walk all over you. Not at all. Never. I think if there is anger that is hurting, like I accidentally did to myself, then maybe the anger needs some space for either the anger to throw its momentary tantrum and come to peace, or needs a big ‘ole “NO” to put it in check and centered from the beginning.

          • Thorn

            Better to risk communication than fear what might happen!

            No matter what the immediate outcome, we get something from taking the risk.

  2. Oisin

    I agree with you on your point about anger being necessary sometime. without putting my whole issues out on there. I not sure he should be anger with me. I was just sitting here think that be nice if you we exchange email addy on here so we talk more pattens of life. Hope that not to Forward of me at the moment

  3. Anne Brannen

    What we need we offer. Yes.
    Just as our worst stories are what we have to give away, where we are most useful.
    And so now I am thinking — what about that which we have enough of, and more than enough of, and are not seeking?
    That needs to be given away, too.
    Hmmm. Sometimes harder to notice.

    • Thorn

      I think that is a good point – when we have surfeit of something, giving it away keeps things in the flow. The impulse to hoard anything seems counter to the proper flow of magic. Different than the containment of the Power to Keep Silence, however. Sometimes things need a container. But they need to not be squeezed too tightly.

      Discernment is needed for the balance.

  4. Ione

    Dear Thorn, in offering some of what we need, it enters – you make me think of antibodies and immunisation. To witness, see and hear that which punctures our soul and hurts us, we build antibodies to that hurt. The greatest antibodies we can build are love. The world in our blood is synonymous with the world outside, and its pertinent that you should be called Thorn, as a propagator of love. (You haven’t inflicted any injury to me/anyone, but I you know what I mean 🙂 Best wishes xx

    • Thorn

      What a wonderful connection you’ve made here! Love as an antibody…

      And yes, sometimes my sharpness comes in handy!


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