Seek Desire



Seek out that which kindles desire in you.

Is it this song? That painting? People on the street? This nightclub? That forest? Is it the way you dance in the evening, when no one is around? Is it the photos of people rising up around the world? What is it?

Cultivate desire. Follow beauty.

Find that which touches you. Let it move you, let yourself act. We have a world to re-align toward love. We can't do this if we do not desire.

What is it? What does your heart want? What does your soul need? What makes you burst with compassion? What makes you feel angry, or fills you with sorrow? What helps you fall in love?

What do you desire?

18 Responses to “Seek Desire”

  1. Fourge

    I’m glad my prayers are being heard and answered… Thanks for this; it is much desired

  2. Helen/Hawk

    That difference between desire as meant here and the “I want. I want” which leads to many of the problems of today: can you expand on this?

    • Thorn

      Desire is I want + I need. It kindles heart and soul. Sometimes I want or I need are gateways to desire.

      So: what connects you? What moves you?

      And of course, I had to write a whole book on the topic. 😉

      • Fourge

        And would you say that desire leads to passion? Or is passion born of desire?

  3. ForestSprite

    Sometimes I wonder about desire. It leads us to beauty, passion, compassion, creation and destruction and all of life which is its goal and necessity, but our human nature clings to it and creates the Buddhist Attachment that is the source of mental suffering and limits our lives, our personal growth, and ultimately hinders our capacity for true connection. How do you guard against attachment as you cultivate desire?

    • Thorn

      ForestSprite, this is why my new book on desire (Make Magic of Your Life) is structured around Levi’s Four Powers. The Power To Dare helps us to release attachment to outcome. It is attachment to the outcome of desire that causes suffering, not desire itself. We move and the future changes, because many other things move as well. Knowing this is being a wise magician or witch. We cannot know what the outcome will look like, we must remain present and act – To Will – anyway.

  4. Paul

    It’s been my desire for as long as I care to remember to teach things spiritual and to do the work of healing. It’s one desire that has never fallen by the wayside.

  5. Syrbal/Labrys

    We live in a world largely afraid to admit desire. For some, they have been taught that desire of any sort is wrong; starvation of every sense is the only moral act. For some, repeated denial makes them fear desire, because one more refusal will break the battered heart to bits. For some, still dreaming of an invulnerable island existence, admitting desire and need is a weakness to be eschewed. And some fear the heart’s kindling because they fear the transmuting fire! I think even the most petty “want” speaks of hidden needs….if those are ferreted out by careful seeking, then the true need can be addressed. But we are afraid of need, want….desire and asking because there are so many waiting to say “NO!” in our world. Say “Yes.” To yourself, to others, to someone who has forgotten how to hear the very word!

  6. Paul V Motaung-Mndaweni

    I am one of those who for years thought desiring made me selfish. It took a great effort to allow myself to desire. Thanks for this confirmation.

  7. moira

    Desire means for
    me to give space in my life for what I love…

    This is not easy – it requires organization and flexibility…

    There are clients here in Northern Germany that I love to work with…

    There are my spiritual sisters in France and on Crete that I love and want to spend time with…

    There are my cats that I love – and who have to be cared for when I am not here…

    And my dog, that has become a partner in many beautiful ways…

    Also my spiritual work on different places of power that I love…

    There is much that has to be organized and considered if I follow the path of love – and every step to bring it all together is another learning experience and worth doing it…

    Creating with love, * Moira

    There are some places that I feel deeply connected with and where I desire to spend some time…

    • Thorn


      I really like that idea that desire helps you make space for what you love!

  8. Leni

    I trust my desires because they do not, they cannot lie. They are at times brazen. It took a long time to look beyond the “want” to the desire that was contained there. (the want for new clothes is really a desire for re-invention. wanting a new lover is a desire for connection, curiosity and play). Desire helps us detremine our values. What we want can change, what we feel in important stays fairly consistent.

  9. Hedgesister

    Desire has driven me to take control of my life, to be resourceful in ways that allow me to create, and build. It has taught me to reach out and discover that I am “good enough,” when for all my life, I’ve never felt that I was. Now that it is teaching me to set free myself from attachments. In doing this, I embrace my own power, and set myself free for new growth, and space to stretch my wings and fly.


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