Falling in Love


(What helps you open heart and soul enough to fall in love?)


What is the thing you love most? What will you do to save it? If you had the chance, what is one thing you would do?


Back off from that extreme. What is one thing you love at all? What would you do to help it: how would you offer help, comfort, assistance, encouragement or strength?


Every being on earth affects each other being, for good or ill.


I decided to travel less – for the health of the planet and my own – but last night I was on a plane again. For someone who was traveling 2-3 times a month, traveling once every few months is a big improvement. Perhaps not enough, but it is something. En route to teach in Maryland this weekend, I'm stopping off in NYC because an Occupy Wall Street activist asked me to come teach In New York. She said people needed succor after the hurricane. So I am here to do two benefits for the hardworking people of Occupy Sandy who can still use our help. It doesn't feel like much - four or so hours of teaching and a train ride to my other gig - but I can do it, so I shall.


(What helps you open heart and soul enough to fall in love?)


Just checking Twitter on the airplane, my heart widened. I saw many things that inspire me: I saw men around the world fighting for the rights of the women they love. I saw communities gathered to comfort the families of children lost to racism, classism, and grave injustice. I saw the cisgendered supporting the transgendered and vice versa. I saw artists painting, making music, and dancing. I saw people planting gardens in the neighborhoods that wealth forgot. I saw people struggling to free themselves from their own emotional chains. I saw communities organizing to face off foreclosures, or to purchase medical debt. I saw students saying "education is a right!"


My heart fills with all of this. I feel grateful. I fall in love. Again and again, I fall in love.


How about you? What small acts of connection are you doing this week? How are you acting, or preparing to act, to bring healing, kindness, love, or justice to this world?


(What helps you open heart and soul enough to fall in love?)


I send you love, no matter what you are doing, no matter where in the world you are.





The benefit classes are "Spirituality in Times of Crisis" at CRS, 123 4th St, Wednesday at 7:30 pm and "Manifestation: The Powers of the Sphinx" Thursday at Catland. Please see my calendar.

7 Responses to “Falling in Love”

  1. Fourge

    That’s one thing which I enjoy about networking; it gets me out of my life, out of my head, and into someone else’s. I remember when I was struggling with having coming out as a Gay kid at 12 years old. I had the mentality that the world didn’t really exist and no one was really real, I suppose in an effort to alienate myself and others from one another due to the hurt that peers gave me. Now I’m thankful to be in a place where I’m not only intrigued by what I can do in my life and with my life, but intrigued by what others do with theirs.

    I couldn’t think of anything but soul alignment opening my heart and soul enough to fall in love. But soul alignment does a lot of things. I’d hoped I could think of something other than, and I have. Curiosity. Curiosity to what’s beyond me opens me up, blooming awake so that the light of the lives of others can feed me. That’s why I’ve always been so open to people about my life, because the happenings of your lives inspire my own.

  2. Scrytech

    What do I love most? My ipod, which has been a bit anemic lately without regular transfusions of Thorn-matter. Haven’t been able to download the FaerieCon podcast from May 7. Please advise. Any further crumbs much appreciated.
    Life seems to flourish most in areas that wealth forgets.


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